Shopping for CNY

As years passed, our priorities changed. Our wants begin to take a back seat. Ten years ago, when I was a fresh graduate battling it out in the workforce, all I wanted was to climb the corporate ladder and earn big money. Fast forward to four years later when I became a wife, having a stable career with predictable hours takes a forefront. Then came the baby and everything shifted to raising him according to what we know best. Like if I MUST have at least 3-4 sets of new clothes for Chinese New Year (CNY) pre-marriage time, I don’t really mind now if I have any at all. I figure – it’s a want, not a need. Besides, since I buy clothes almost every month, CNY is all-year round!

By December 2011, we were done with E’s CNY clothes. I already knew where we could find something nice and affordable for him, so the task was completed pretty fast. For Hubby, he bought two shirts with some cash vouchers redeemed through his credit card points. Keeping to tradition is important to me, hence I told myself to get at least one piece of new clothing for the first day of CNY.

For some weird reasons, I wanted to wear a cheongsam this year. With no front and back assets, I was never a big fan of this traditional Chinese attire as it doesn’t usually flatter my no hour-glass figure. I was shopping around my office area after lunch one day and tried on a cheongsam at Cove nonchalantly. Surprise surprise, it fitted really well, accentuate wherever that’s necessary and doesn’t make me look 10 years older like most do. I look smokin’ hot in it (or so I say). Plus, the price is right! Here’s how it looks like:

Photo extracted from Cove FB page

Excited to show it off to Hubby, I tried it on as soon as I got home from work. While parading and catwalking up and down in my new purchase, E who was busy playing with his toy animals, stopped and stared at me. He looked up, then down, then up again. I’m not exaggerating here but how he reacted next melted my heart BIG TIME.

His expression transformed from curiosity to awe. Then he flashed a smile and said, “Nice!” If I may add, maybe he’s thinking “My mommy is HOT!”, don’t you think? ;p

Getting compliments from my Hubby is flattering but hearing it from an innocent, 21-month old toddler is simply AWESOME! That was probably one the best compliments I have ever received. Touched beyond words, I curtsied and replied, “Thank you, dear!”

Yes, indeed. It was a great buy. CNY, here I come. Woot! 😀


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