Give me a breather, pleaseeeeee!

Ranting mode: ON

It has been almost three months since I left BabyTalk, so please – for Heaven’s sake – please leave me alone and give me a chance to move on. It’s not that I don’t care about you or I’m irresponsible and unkind but really, I’m trying to leave behind something I single-handedly created, something that still pulls a chord in my heart whenever I think about it. Yes, it is THAT sentimental. Not being able to totally disconnect myself from the connection is certainly not making it any easier.

Whatever you want – payment, contact details, if your child’s face will be in it or not – everything has been handed over properly before I left. Even the new editor’s name and email addy have been informed. So, please have mercy and stop bugging me with things related to the magazine, which for your information (obviously), I no longer have control over with. It’s not my fault if the new person is inefficient or not replying to your emails.

Three months on, I’m still getting queries like “Please give me the address and phone number of the company”, “I don’t know how to get there. Give me the directions” or “I want to submit my child’s photo. Here you are”. Downright ignorant and insensitive. Like you, I have a daytime 9-5 job and a family to attend to as well, so if you would please do your homework and contact the new editor directly, I would be most appreciative. There’s something called Google and Facebook, you know.

Ranting mode: OFF
Phewwww…feeling much better! Chatime, anyone? 🙂


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