It’s back AGAIN~

I’m sad. Like really sad. Okay, more like guilty and helpless. And confused too.

E’s eczema is back again, and this time, with a vengeance. It has been dormant ever since he crossed the one-year old mark and I have been quietly rejoicing for around 10 months. Then, right after we returned from hometown on the 4th day of CNY, ka-boooom! Big time flare-up. Initially we suspected the dust in the house after being left untouched for a week. So Hubby changed the sheets, wiped, vacuumed and mopped the floors. It took two weeks to go away with diligent application of virgin coconut oil, Physiogel and Eurax. We also used the super duper expensive cream prescribed by his paediatrician – Protopic. I’ll write more about this supposedly cancer-causing cream soon.

His skin and face were back to normal for like 4-5 days before…ka-boooom, second time attack. This time around, it’s definitely NOT dust. He went back to daycare after a long break (remember the Thaipusam weekend) and came home with rashes. This morning, it was so bad I felt extremely horrible for being a working mum and not able to be there for him. If I were to stay home, his environment would be more stable and his immune system will not be subjected to so many possible allergens, right? But then again, how long can I keep him at home with me? He has to leave the nest one day too…*sigh*

What do I do now? I’m contemplating of another blood test – a more comprehensive one that will cover not only foods but also other factors like environments and chemicals. That would cost us around RM700+ to RM800+ and I’m kind of short of money now (believe it or not, I’m left with RM200 only in my bank account and it’s not even mid-month yet…no thanks to Chinese New Year. Never been this poor in my life). Money can always be earned again. It’s better to find out what are the other culprits, avoid them and keep the eczema under control rather than see him suffer week in week out. Dr Ling did mention that foods only constitute a very tiny trigger factor of eczema. It’s mostly environmental. So it could be more than just cow’s milk, egg and peanut.

We recently tried goat’s milk on him (before the flare-up) but I don’t think he’s allergic to this as the rashes only appeared two days after. His system reacts very quickly to allergens; licking some gelato will send rashes to skin surrounding his lips within 5 minutes, followed by itchiness.

I’m also thinking of trying traditional Chinese medicine on him soon…it’s time to try the alternative method.

I’m like a headless chicken now…at my wit’s end 😦


6 thoughts on “It’s back AGAIN~

  1. kliyen

    Hi, u may try this powder named ε…­δΈ€ζ•£ (liu yi san) which can be found at shops selling chinese herbs/medicine, just apply the dry powder on affected area. My 5 mths old girl developed rashes on her hands, legs and the back of ears started the 2nd day of CNY after we brought her out in the hot weather to meet up with lots of relatives, which was the 1st time she got in touch with so many peoples, and the rashes did not go away since then. We brought her to paediatrician last weekend and was diagnosed as eczema. We applied the cream prescribed – H-CORT & Ezerra but were not helping at all. My mom then got her the powder and the rashes gone in just 2 days. Hope this help ur little one as well.

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks Angeline, for still visiting my blog despite the more troublesome access.

      And thanks too, for sharing about the powder. I’ll go buy some one of these days and see if it works. Willing to try anything after seeing him go through so much suffering. Oh by the way, H-Cort is a kind of steroid, so you may want to reduce usage of that. Ezerra is safe and a lot milder but serves more as a moisturiser and rarely works.

      1. kliyen

        Hi Joey,

        Not sure what make you thought that my name is Angeline… By the way, I am LiYen, nice “meeting” you πŸ™‚ I came across with you blog while searching for Dr Choong’s info on the Internet few months ago, and you blog interested me though I just became the follower few days ago, just the day before you made it private, so “you yuan” πŸ™‚

        Well, hope the powder does help baby Ewan. And, thanks for your info on the steroid content of H-Cort.

        Have a nice day!

      2. joeyllhow

        OMG sorry sorry sorry! I must have mixed you up with another friend whose email address is almost similar as yours. Paiseh ah! πŸ˜‰

    1. joeyllhow

      You did see how bad his eczema was during CNY right? *Sigh* It came back a few days after the rashes go away. Slightly better now but still patches here and there. Sometimes he would scratch his face until he had to close his eyes…funny sight. I am just hoping that everything will go back to normal soon. Fingers crossed X

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