E’s first best friend

At daycare, E has a best friend cum enemy named Hom, a boy who is slightly younger than him. According to the nannies there, they have a love-hate relationship. On good days, they would be laughing, playing and hugging each other. On bad days, the nannies would have to separate them from attacking each other and give them time-outs. At one point, there were ‘fighting’ so much E was upset and wasn’t himself for the whole week.

I personally like the little boy too because he’s among the friendliest there, besides the talkative 2.5-year old Mandarin-speaking Wallace, the ever smiling Elliott, the give-me-a-hug-please Lam Lam and the sweet-natured Avril who is the “tai kah che” there. Hom would not hesitate to wave hello and goodbye whenever he sees me, and is always spotting a big grin while toddling around with his ‘busuk’ bolster.

Two days ago, we finally took E for the long-delayed booster shot for one of his vaccinations. Dr Ling has already warned that his bum would swell for a few days after and so, when I saw his uneven backside yesterday, I was astonished. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Oh my, what happened to your bum? It’s swollen!
E: …..
Me: Is it painful? Thong mah? (Mandarin)
E: Pain…thong thong…
Me: What happened?
E: Hom…beat…Hom beat Ewan (and pointed to his bum)
Me: (Shocked) Are you sure Hom did that to you?
E: Hom beat…
Me: Uhmmm, why would Hom do that? Did you tell Aunty about this?
E: …..(thinking hard)
Me: Mommy will ask Aunty tomorrow if Hom really beat Ewan okay? If he didn’t, then Ewan has to apologise to Hom, okay?
E: ….(still thinking hard)

When I sent him to the daycare this morning, Hom was already there. Both boys smiled and sat down to have breakfast.

I think my two year-old just framed another two year-old.


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