TCM to the rescue

My problem down south has been going on for the longest time ever since E was completely weaned off the breasts. I have seen gynaes several times, taken a few rounds of antibiotics, consumed yoghurt on a consistent basis – all to no avail. It probably weakened my immune system too as I was very susceptible to flu and sore throat. I knew something was wrong with my body.

My youngest sister who has been trying to conceive for over two years fell pregnant recently. It’s a huge relief because she has been yearning for a child for as long as I could remember. She has attempted various methods – from taking fertility pills, timing sex and staying put in a position to changing her diet, seeking alternative treatments such as acupuncture and homeopathy, and praying very hard. When she finally gave up, the baby came along 🙂 Her secret? She attributed the blessing to the works of a tabib Cina in Melaka. She conceived a month after taking the prescribed herb medications.

Curious, I thought maybe it’s time for me to look into TCM. We went there last weekend and after taking his medications for almost three days, I can safely say that the vaginal discharge has subsided a lot. And they’re no longer yellowish.

I have always been intrigued with pulse reading…it’s like the fortune teller for the health industry. Just by pressing a finger against one’s wrist and listening intently to the pulse, the entire history of one’s health is unveiled there and there. According to

In total, then, there are six positions: three on the right wrist and three on the left wrist. Each of these six positions is used to gather information about one of the six yin (and corresponding yang) organ systems. There are also qualities of the pulse as a whole that are used to diagnose more general conditions within the bodymind.

At just one sitting, the tabib guessed everything about my health correctly…that I:

1. Have heavy vaginal discharge, not white but yellow.
2. Will have difficulty conceiving now and won’t be successful because my eggs are not holding on to sperms properly. My body is way ‘too cold’.
3. Have problem sleeping and that I sleep on one side only.
4. Feel a numbing sensation on my right hand most of the time.
5. Have a gastric problem.
6. Feel tired all the time.

Except #2 which I wasn’t aware of, everything else he mentioned was accurate. I was also given a list of foods that I should avoid at the moment, among all: Salted vegetables, 100 Plus, pineapple, grass jelly, ice drinks, sourish drinks, tea and more.

The damage? Around RM350 for a three-month supply of two medications (in capsules form). If it really helps and is a one-off affair, I don’t mind paying the extra bucks.


10 thoughts on “TCM to the rescue

  1. kliyen

    Hi Joey,

    Do u mind giving me the contact/address of the tabib cina? Thanks in advance.

    By the way, have u try the powder on ur son? Does it work?

    1. joeyllhow

      Sure, I’ll email you the contact separately. I haven’t got a chance to drop by the chinese medicine hall last weekend; will definitely get that done in the next few days and update you then 🙂

  2. I’m no doctor, just sharing some of my experiences. Have you tested for yeast infection or Group B Strep? In my first pregnancy, I’d both. In the recent pregnancy, still GBS. But no yellowish discharge. Had to try several rounds of antibiotics. (I don’t like antibiotics because they kill even the good bacteria in our body, but had no choice when it comes to GBS during pregnancy.)

    I also took Probiotics by BioLife, bought at Gleneagles KL pharmacy.

    About RM95 for 1 month supply. It’s loaded with good bacteria. After a few months, I finally cleared the GBS test!!!

    For yoghurt, the ones available at the supermarket are not fresh enough. Every day it sits there, the number of good bacteria diminishes. I make fresh ones at home with EasiYo yoghurt maker. Have reviewed it on my blog before.

    Also, only cotton panties and breathable pantiliners (the yeast infection was the reason I dumped disposable pantiliners for good). And loose pants, e.g. no tight jeans that limit breathability.

    All the best! 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      That’s an interesting perspective, MieVee….never came across my mind that it could be something more than candidiasis. My gynae did take a swab and send the sample to the lab prior to this. According to her, there was a slight infection and she only prescribed me some vaginal pessaries and probiotics supplement. The condition woukd improve after using the pessaries but returned as soon as I stopped. It never completely went away though. I should really find out more about GBS.

      And yes, time to make Easiyo again! It has been sitting there for as long as I remember, waiting for my Hubby to make it (for some reasons, those that I made never turned out properly…always too watery or refused to form).

      MieVee, have you ever heard of TCM containing mercury hence the high effectiveness?

      1. In Malaysia, GBS is not a compulsory test during pregnancy, though it affects a significant percentage of women. It can actually harm baby during delivery, if precautions not taken. My trusted & very knowledgeable obgyn suggested this test during my first pregnancy last trimester, and I tested positive. So during delivery, I’d to be injected with penicillin to protect baby during delivery.

        Second pregnancy, the bacteria were found in my urine even earlier. Kept having to go back to test my urine, and she finally helped me clear it. Pre-delivery, still needed to take penicillin.

        For Easiyo, leave it for longer hours? I find 10-12 hours quite suitable, for the organic bio-life powder (the golden series has more strains of probiotics than the regular ones).

        TCM: Nope, never really researched much on the mercury part. I took TCM before marriage to manage my super-severe menstrual cramps. Very effective. For pregnancy, my obgyn advises against TCM for concern regarding maternal bleeding during delivery. First pregnancy, final 2 months, my MIL made red date drink for me almost every day. She thought it was good because I was anaemic. In the end, lost almost 1 litre of blood during delivery!

        Second pregnancy, I avoided the red date drink and anything that remotely looks like Chinese herb. Ha… No blood loss during delivery.

        Anyway, while breastfeeding, many Chinese herbs may be unsuitable, so I’m still avoiding them.

        Without pregnancy & breastfeeding, I’d still consider TCM. Got to find out on the mercury part, since you mention it. Thanks!

      2. joeyllhow

        I did some research about GBS but my symptoms don’t seem to relate to this category. Did you have it prior to the second pregnancy? *Sigh* I’m rather worried about conceiving now, considering my health isn’t at its tip top. Thanks for pointing it out, MieVee, I shall ask my gynae on the next check-up.

        I heard about mercury in TCM from my boss and kind of freaked out after that as E takes quite a bit of Eu Yan Sang products. But yes, if we take lots of herby food/drinks during pregnancy, the chances of blood loss are high. I never took any (except bird’s nest) during my pregnancy.

      3. Yes, my GBS was discovered in first pregnancy third trimester, discovered together with yeast infection.

        Oh, for the yeast infection, I only had to INSERT 1 pill “down there” and it was cleared. Can’t rem the name. So far, my obgyn has been quite good in solving my issues.

        Work your health back first, then plan for the next baby. It’d all turn out well, just waiting for that Eureka moment! 🙂

        For children, I heard that too much TCM may not be suitable. But I don’t know. Vee hasn’t taken any since he’s strong as a bull, prob from all those breastmilk.

        Bird’s nest is an allergen. In any case, could E’s eczema be due to bird’s nest in case he’s been trying it? Vee has eczema from soy, etc. so I haven’t let him touch bird’s nest yet. I took it for first pregnancy, and only 1-2 times for second. First boy has eczema, second so far ok.

      4. joeyllhow

        Mind sharing your gynae’s contact please? My gynae (Dr Hoo in TMC) gave vaginal pessaries supply for 7 days, twice daily. Truthfully I didn’t complete the course because don’t like the idea of antibiotics…serve me right ya?

        Bird’s nest is an allergen? Argh, I didn’t know that! I kept thinking ‘smooth skin for baby…smooooooth skin” when I was taking them. The results turned out to be the opposite LOL! Then again, I took lots of allergenic stuff during pregnancy…peanut butter, milk etc.

        Yes…one thing at a time…breatheeeee!

  3. Sye Fen

    Hi luan luan, if u need a contact for good TMC in kl, let me know, ok? I only knew 1 which is recommended by my sis in law.

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks Sye Fen and welcome back to IATH. So sorry I missed you out. Fish memory…

      Sure, I’ll keep this in mind. A good contact in TCM will definitely come in handy in the future 🙂

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