My mini Romeo

E oh E! Why art thou so Romeo?

♥ The men in my life ♥

The older he gets, the more affectionate my little darling becomes. Just the other Sunday morning, he woke up before Hubby and I did. It was still very early at around 7am, so we decided to ignore and let him be. As usual, he would toss and turn, fumble mumble, quip “uh-oh”s in between and climb all over us, asking us to “get down”. When all those tactics were fruitless, he lied down silently for a while.

Then the magical moment happened. I felt a damp, soft smooch on my lips. Then again. And again. I opened my eyes by a little and saw E attempting to plant another kiss on me again. His big eyes were aiming at my lips; I could feel his sweet breath so near me. My heart melted that very instance and I had to put it in the freezer to solidify it after that.

Did I mention how he reaches out for my hand every time we are in the car too?

Awww…he’s the ♥ of my life. I mean, my Hubby is too; it’s just that he’s the giant, older version 😉


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