E’s 2nd birthday – Planning & preparations

It’s happening for REAL! E will be having his first official-and-proper party for his 2nd birthday next month. The organiser cum event planner is none other than yours truly (siapa lagi?).

When he turned one, we had a joint birthday bash with Zoey. Now that he understands more, gets excited at the sight of a birthday cake and loves singing his version of ♫♪ api burday you ♪♫, we decided to make the affair slightly more glamorous bigger this time around. This year, he will be celebrating it with HIS friends, not mommy’s or daddy’s 🙂

I shortlisted two free designs for invitation card from Printable Party Kits and showed them to him one evening. He picked this himself and seemed very very sure of his decision 🙂

As such, our party theme is…Barnyard Bash! Yes, he’s not over the farm animals craze yet…

► [√] Party venue – We chose one of his all-time favourite playlands. The kids will definitely love it there!
► [√] Cake – Who else but my all-time favourite and trusted baker, Emily who bakes the most delicious milkless, eggless and peanutless chocolate cake
► [ ] Food & beverage – Still in the midst of scouting for a home-based, non-commercialised caterer due to the specific menu I have in mind (partly to accommodate E’s sensitive diet too)
► [√] Photographer – We managed to get two photography students to do this at a fraction of the price. Cheap cheap, nice nice. Yay!
► [√] Party favours – Provided by playland operator though I think it’s kind of weird of them to give out popcorns.
► [ ] Party invite – Printing in progress. My colleague Nurul helped with some graphic adjustment work.
► [ ] Party décor – In progress. My ex-colleague Cheah has kindly offered to help with the simple design work for welcome board and muffin toppers. We will be reusing the birthday banner from last year’s.
► [ ] Menu/name placards – Gonna beg one of Hubby’s colleagues to help with this. If you notice, I’m trying to distribute the tasks evenly among those who offered to help so that none of them are too bogged down. They’re doing this out of kindness for me, so let’s not push it 🙂 Oh, I really, really need a crash course on Photoshop.
► [ ] Balloons – To get from the nearest mall a day before
► [ ] Thank you cards – The little guests (a majority from E’s daycare) will be receiving a photo of themselves taken during the party

Did I miss out anything?


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