E’s 2nd birthday – Signed, sealed, delivered!

Think, think, think…
Print, print, print…
Cut, cut, cut…

To keep the costs down, I have been DIY-ing some of the decor for Ewan’s upcoming birthday bash. I’m the initiator-cum-creative director-cum-help enlister-cum-labourer while Hubby is the appointed printer (you don’t wanna know where’s he printing from) 🙂

The printer delivered the invites last night so we started processing them and got the birthday boy’s help to seal the envelopes with farm cow stickers. He chose a big cow for his teachers and kakaks, a cow with red scarf for his bestie Hom, and yellow-horned cow and brown cow for his girlfriends Lam Lam and Yo Yo respectively. We will be mailing some out and hand-delivering the rest to E’s daycare later today.

Putting the finishing touch on the envelope

When he was done with the task, he started peeling and sticking the cows on our big toes, then made us ‘limp’ around the house with him! 😀

Cow nail art, anyone?

Decor-wise, we will have a thematic welcome signage, personalised name placards, muffin toppers and a birthday banner. There will be balloons for each little guest too and I’m contemplating whether I should make a personalised party favour as well but according to my decor sifu Lydia, little kids may not know how to appreciate personalisation – so maybe we should KIV that for when I have the extra time.

Little animals for the birthday banner. It turned out to be too small but well, nevermind!

I am looking at more ideas…something that doesn’t require lots of $ka-ching$ and won’t scare off the kids too. I was thinking to DIY a scarecrow to coincide with the barnyard theme but it would be kind of spooky and Halloween-like, isn’t it? Hubby isn’t very keen on carrying the scarecrow from the parking lot to the playland on the party day too though I have promised to walk next to him so we both look like lunatics together 🙂 Can’t transform Odee into a lamb-wannabe and smuggle him into the playland either…umm…

We will be trying out Lydia’s idea of a cardboard cut-out animal for photo opportunity. Hubby’s colleague – Norman – who is really good in drawing will be helping to sketch the visual. I’m also searching for cute images that are high in resolution to be blasted into A3 size for decor around the party room’s walls. Let’s just hope it won’t cost us too much to print.

A very kind mom I ‘met’ in Facebook named Theresa Lim was a great help too! I chanced upon her girl’s birthday photos (barnyard theme too!) and asked if she could share details on the printables decor and the adorable animal jellies. She kindly emailed me everything – from the caterer, florist and baker to artwork, quotations and sample of invite. It really really helped in easing the process and giving me an even clearer idea of overall costs. Thank you so much, Theresa!

Now, we need more ideas, ideas, ideas…


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