Pants off!

We attended a very beautiful wedding last weekend. It was the wedding of our wedding photographer cum Hubby’s friend from Form 6 – Sharon – to Allan. The couple dated for over five years and underwent one year of pre-marital counselling before finally tying the knot. The church ceremony was simple yet meaningful; the appreciation session where the bride and groom shared heartfelt words with their parents, moved me to tears. You see, I was actually imagining E getting married and telling me all those stuff one day…

So while the couple were exchanging vows…

Sharon weds Allan

E was doing this…

Spooning and munching Cheerios

And then this…

We don't know what got into him but he decided to take off his pants and put on Daddy's shoes. Then he wanted Daddy to take off his socks as well but of course, that didn't happen.

Ladies & gentlemen, welcome to my world 🙂


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