E’s 2nd birthday – Food catering

This is probably one of the harder tasks in our preparations for E’s birthday party happening in a few weeks. My idea of getting homemade, personalised menu is now out of the window as none of my potential vendors is willing to take up the challenge to produce something different.

The playland does not offer any food packages but allows party clients to bring in their caterers instead. There are many caterers in town, but finding something that fits our budget yet offers tasty food is a challenge. In short, we want the food and beverage to be peng, leng, cheng (cheap, pretty and nice in Cantonese)!

We requested for quotations from several recommended caterers such as Big Rajah and The Vanilla Place, as well as another cafe nearby my workplace. If you’re planning a party in the future, here’s a heads-up of what to expect for a budget of RM20 per person based on minimum order for around 40 persons:

RM22 per person

Chocolate eclairs
Fried bee hoon or Fried rice
Chicken curry puff
Finger sandwich
Cream puff
Apple strudel
Mini fruit tartlets
Potato wedges
Assorted seafood balls
Sausage roll
Mini spring roll
Coffee and tea

► Waiters – RM50 each
► Square tables with cloth – RM3 each
► Transportation – RM50

RM22 per person

Spring Roll
Chicken Nugget
Pineapple Fried Rice
Seafood Alio
Chicken Drumplet
Assorted Mini Cupcakes
Mini Carrots Cakes
Mini Chocolate Brownies
Fruits Punch

RM 20 per person

Tuna mayo & cucumber sandwiches
Mantau chicken floss with mayo
Boxing chicken in sweet & sour sauce
Mashed potato with baked beans cup
Sauteed buttered vegetable
Crabstick and egg& cucumber boat
Spaghetti bolognaise
Yong chow fried rice

► Transportation – RM50
► Disposable cutleries (plates, cups, fork and spoon) – RM 2 per pax

If you look at the big picture and calculate or imagine each item on a plate, you’ll probably agree that RM20 for such amount or type of food may not be that justifiable. We like what Entree Cafe offers the best but am not sure if they would be appropriate for brunch as the party will be held in the morning. Plus, our budget will definitely burst if the final head count reaches more than 60 persons (we are expecting a medium attendance response ~30% drop out from the parents at E’s daycare).

I’m currently exploring the option of catering from several different sources – meaning some finger foods from a bakery, some from another contact provided by my bestie Christina who kindly helped with the scouting effort, and the mains from my colleague’s aunt. It will definitely be cheaper – probably saving us around RM300 to RM400 – but it also means spending time in collecting the items on the party day and buying/bringing our own cutleries.

Here’s most likely how the party menu will be:

They’re simple food…nice nice, yummy yummy! 🙂


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