Eventful weekend

It was yet another eventful weekend for the Chua clan last week. What started out as a really good weekend ended with high levels of stress 😦

On Saturday morning, I met up with my girlfriends from high school as Liz was back from Adelaide for a visit. I haven’t seen her since her wedding two years ago, so it was really nice catching up again 🙂 It’s too bad we forgot to snap a group photo (again!)

Then I got home and after E woke up from his nap, we made our way to Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa at Cyberjaya for a one-night escapade with the entire family, in conjunction with my parents’ 36th wedding anniversary.

Sensing that he will be sent to a nearby pet hotel, Odee sulked:

E had lots of fun playing with his cousins:

So did Daddy!

We had a delicious buffet dinner at the Resort and after that, we gathered at my parents’ room for a chit-chat and cake-cutting session. At the age of late fifties, my parents have nine grandchildren with two more on the way (yes, my siblings are a productive lot!):

Next morning after breakfast, the kids dipped their legs into the wading pool and got ready for another swimming session:

Turn of event
All was well with the getaway until after this. In the excitement of going back to her room to fetch her swimming suit, my seven-year old niece ran into the room’s glass balcony door. It all happened too quickly, before my mum – who accompanied her – could switch on the room lights. As the skies were rather cloudy that day, my niece misjudged the reality and rammed into the glass pane, which shattered and cut deep into both her thighs. Upon hearing the loud bang and seeing blood all over the place, my mum screamed. Fortunately, there were two doctors who were staying as guests on the upper floors. They helped to contain the blood loss and she was sent to the nearby hospital after that.

My niece had to undergo a surgery to clean her wounds and received over 30 stitches. She is currently still hospitalised.

My stress levels shot up when the Resort management decided to pursue a payment for the broken glass. As it was purely an accident, both parties were to blame but the Resort insisted that it was a negligence on our side, as if my niece rammed into the glass intentionally. What an adult can see is very different from what a child perceives. There were no stickers or any indications to differentiate between real outdoors and glass panes. While it did not come across our minds to pursue this matter in the midst of chaos and fear (ie. make the Resort pay for the medical bills or sue them for lack of room safety), we certainly did not expect the Resort to disregard humanity and compassion. The Executive Assistant Manager (second highest rank in the Resort) whom we spoke to said bits of pieces that connote messages of “it’s only a small matter” and “in our 11 years of operation, nothing like this has ever happened before”. He even had the guts to tell us that “Yeah, some kids did ram into the lobby doors as well but it was nothing serious.” Highly irresponsible. The entire fiasco reminded me of the traumatising day when my MIL passed away and the caretakers couldn’t wait to earn our bucks. We are currently waiting for a further feedback from the Resort and planning the next course of action.

If that wasn’t enough, I gave a piece of my mind to my silly sister-in-law (SIL) two days ago because she violated my 7-year old niece’s privacy and posted a video of her crying in pain while the doctor was cleaning her wounds in the A&E ward – in Facebook! Yes, you read it right! She thought it was funny, we thought it was crazy sick.

Doing this may not only make my niece a laughing stock in school (most kids these days have iPads and Facebook!), but also scar her for life. With today’s rapidly fast way of spreading news, how sure can we be that the video will not land in the wrong hands – who may use it as a scam to gain public’s sympathy and raise funds? Worse still, what if it reaches a paedophile’s hand? Once on the Internet, always on the Internet.

Of course my SIL didn’t see it this way. She asked me to “mind your own business”, “who do you think you are to advise me?” and “if you don’t like it, don’t see it”.

And if that’s not irrational enough of her: a day before, SIL sent the video to my mum – who was tearing away and traumatised from the incident – as an indication to blame her for not watching my niece properly. All the while, nobody dares to speak up and tell SIL off for fear of disrupting family harmony, but she has definitely crossed the line this time around. Despite living under my parents’ roof and having her expenses footed by them, she has disrespected them time and again for years. I have witnessed and heard of occasions when she slammed the door at my mum, badmouthed my mum in Facebook and even threw the laundry basket in front of her in the fit of anger.

Enough is enough. Somebody has to do something about this already.

Phewwww…..ranting is good 🙂 Oh, by the way, welcome to my world!

After that
My niece was transferred to a hospital in Malacca on that day itself for surgery and further care. She is now recovering well. As there were nothing much we could do anymore, we headed home.

Because of the fiasco, E didn’t really get to eat much during lunch. By dinner after a haircut, we went to Canoodling at Bangsar Village and he washed down a bowl of fishball noodles:

To end this post on a happy note, I’ll leave you with a funny picture of E trying on his Daddy’s sandals:


2 thoughts on “Eventful weekend

  1. powlee How

    silly SIL….lol, I thought i’m the only one who have “it”. I totally understand your feeling. I have one at home, roofed by me due to sympathy over my brother & his children. Despite being thankful, she acted like an uneducated b***ch nowadays!
    She used to slam doors, screamed and honked (yes you hear it right, honk, car honk!!) at my late mother. When my mom passed away, she deligently cook plenty of food and offerings 4 times a day, while she never ever cook a single simple meal for my mom when she’s alive! At times, i loathe at such hypocrite-ness of her. But what can I do?
    One is not enough, i actually have another silly SIL who just love to update her facebook status bitching about her husband’s siblings! While she fully aware that we can read her, she purposely put it on to upset us (at least once a week or twice a day), including un-true statements that we are all “greedy animals” preying for my late mom’s tiny saving when they are the one holding the money and refused to give it to dad (that money is supposedly for Dad in case of emergency)! Friends and family read those status, and thought, how greedy we are, and “sympathized” them for being “bullied & isolated”. At times, I really wonder, how can a person easily condemned by a facebook status? And people who commented on those status, supporting the comments, are they really the holiest and righteous person in the world to judge and comment?
    You are right, ranting is good……….;p

    1. joeyllhow

      Phew, glad to know I’m the only one with a spectacular SIL. Thank goodness there’s only one, not two 🙂 It’s sad to know that there are indeed shallow people who think that life is all about money ya? That’s why I have always believed that social media have its good and bad. If used wrongly, it can jeorpadise relationships. At the end of the day, whatever rumour that person starts, the truth will prevail. Only time will prove it.

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