REVIEW: ScratchSleeves vs ScratchMeNot

After wearing Scratchsleeves for over a year and finally outgrowing it, I decided to try out ScratchMeNot this time around. Here’s a comparison between Scratchsleeves (SS) and ScratchMeNot (SMN):

Photos source:
Photos source:
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To date, we own 2 SS and 1 SMN. I usually choose practicality over aesthetic and personally prefer SS due to its thin and easier-to-dry material. The great customer service and quick delivery from the UK company are another two plus points. I received my SS in less than a week! However, if your child is constantly in an air-conditioned environment, I strongly recommend SMN for a better value for money.

Do not buy according to the recommended age sizes as UK/US babies are usually a lot bigger than Asian ones. Instead, measure your child from wing to wing and refer to the measurements.


One thought on “REVIEW: ScratchSleeves vs ScratchMeNot

  1. catjd17

    I have also used both Scratch Sleeves and Scratch Me Not… The outer silk layer makes all the difference in the world. My vote is all the way! Much better quality – no comparison. Great article!

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