We were back in our hometown last weekend. As usual, we would visit my mother-in-law’s and grandfather-in-law’s final resting place in the temple that Hubby frequented when he was a boy. Way before E was born, Hubby and I have always agreed that he should be brought up with understanding of his religion and its values, and going to the temple should be a routine – not something that happens once in a blue moon only.

While walking from altar to altar to pay respects to Buddha, Kuan Yin and the Laughing Buddha at the temple last Saturday, E did something unexpected. As always, we would guide him to put his palms together while we recite very simple gratitude prayers:

At the main altar – Buddha
Me: Buddha, thank you for blessing Ewan…
E: Mummy and Daddy…
Me: {Ummm he’s thanking Buddha for blessing me and Hubby too? This can’t be real…}
Me: ….with good health and happiness at all times. Please bless Ewan to be a good boy, listen to Mummy and Daddy, grow up healthy and strong. Thank you Buddha.

Then, we moved to the next altar – Kuan Yin
Hubby: Kuan Yin, please bless Ewan…
E: Mummy and Daddy…
Me & Hubby: *Stared at each other in disbelief, then smiled*
Me: *Touched and choked with pride* …with good health and happiness at all times for being such a good son. *Pecked him with a kiss on the cheek*

Upon reaching his grandma’s altar where her urn is placed – and without being asked to – E put his palms together and shook them in respect. Then he walked to another Buddha statue standing near the urns and did the same.

E paying his respects to his Grandma

My heart couldn’t stop awwww-ing after that. Perhaps our diligent effort in bringing him to the temple since young finally paid off. Perhaps he finally understands our visits to the temple is for thanksgiving and paying our respects to the people he’s related to in one way or another.

I can’t be more proud to be Ewan’s mom.


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