E turns 2! Wooooot!

When E was a newborn, I remembered feeling really exhausted and drained emotionally, wondering if this is how it was going to be forever. I thought, how long more would it be before we could feel more normal and sane? Then…

Zap, zap, zap! Swoooooooooosh….he’s 2!
O. M. G….2!
My baby is a grown-up boy now!

I still can’t believe myself. Indeed, time flies when you’re having fun. Parenthood has been such a rewarding, inspiring and time-consuming journey that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

At 24 months, Ewan is…

► Very vocal. His speech capabilities suddenly accelerated at such amazing rate that he improved from two-word conversation to four- to five-word sentences overnight. For instance, he has been saying “Mi, take out” whenever he wants me to remove his Scratchsleeves. Now, he says, “Mommy, take out please” – clearly and accurately. Whenever we ask how his day was, he would try his best to answer by saying “Play ball” then “More balls”.

► Can count from 1 to 10, skipping ‘5’ and ‘9’ at times.

► Can recognise 30% of the alphabets. The other day, we asked him to spell out Daddy’s number plate. He got all six letters and numbers correctly, except one.

► Loves to sing along whenever we play his nursery rhymes music in the car. While driving, I can hear him saying the bits and pieces of each sentence. For instance, the Do Re Mi song would sound like “Do…deer…deer”, “Re….sun”, “Me…name…self” and so on – with pauses in between. Otherwise it would be humming, some words and sometimes ‘la la la’. It’s hilarious! That’s real entertainment 🙂

► Seems to understand the meaning of time. Whenever he asks for something eg. play at the driver’s seat or stay longer in the bathtub, we would say “Alright but two minutes only” to which he will reply “Yes, two minutes” while signing ‘2’.

► Having been a child that dislikes any kind of soft toys since young, I have recently introduced my childhood companion – a soft Pooh bear with a missing eyebrow – to him. He has grown an attachment to it, occassionally reading and talking to Pooh bear. Another of his lovey is his amber necklace, which he would remind me to wear it for him every time after bath.

► We love his pronounciation of “thank you” and “handsome”. They sound like “ah kiu” and “awesome”. So now we call him “handsome and awesome!”

► In front of new faces, he is still a rather cautious child and requires some time to warm up. Our friend James who loves kids, took 30 minutes to coax E before he was allowed to carry him.

► Like me, he loves variety. He loves mixing and matching Megabloks with an assortment of colours. There usually isn’t one same colour in each creation. And boy, he loves building really high towers!

► Because of the recent eczema flare-up and frequent application of moisturiser after moisturiser, he would willingly allow us to do it while sitting still. At times when the itch intensifies, he would ask his “Kakak Wawa” (daycare nurse) to apply “kh-nut oil” (coconut oil). The bath solution recommended by Joyce, Pinetarsol, seems to be working well.

► Potty training wise, he can alert us whenever a poop is coming but will usually refuse to sit on the potty. I don’t know what’s with boys and standing up to poop! He seems to enjoy the rehearsal experience of standing up to pee on the toilet bowl though, narrating “Stand…hold…pee pee…flush”

► Likes to test the boundaries and see how far he can go before we get mad at him. For instance, whenever he gets overexcited, he would hit or push us then wait for our reaction. Most of the time, we would give him a 2-minute time-out facing the wall at a boring corner, to which he would respond “Ewan beat, Ewan sit here” and pretend to sulk.

► I’m proud to know that he’s quick to apologise whenever he does something wrong. His tantrums are also much more easy to contain now that he can communicate better. The only thing we need to work on is his kicking habit. His legs can’t seem to stay still.

► Language wise, I started off speaking Mandarin to him since a newborn but somehow deviated to English after a while as it was easier to express myself that way. He understands whenever I speak Mandarin to him but most of the time, he responds in English. Even when he tries to speak Mandarin to me, I can’t decipher what he’s trying to say :S


► Whenever I pick him up from the daycare, I would usually spend some time there to interact with his friends and caregivers. And this is when I witness one of his efficiently funny antics. Whenever one of the Kakaks there called out “Milk time!” from the kitchen, E would be the first to dash for his milk bottle. And when I say ‘dash’, I really mean that he sprints towards the kitchen in wobbly running steps. Just last week, he dashed past me like a gush of wind…as if I wasn’t even there. The daycare operator told me he’s always the first to arrive for every task/activity. No idea where he got the ‘kiasu’ genes from but the running part? Definitely from me 😀

► E also knows how needy his Mommy is, so he’s always up with tricks to make me jealous. The other day, I said “I love you, Ewan”. Then he said, “Daddy, Ewan love Daddy” while patting Hubby. Pouting, I asked, “How about Mommy? Do you love Mommy?” He replied, “No no, Ewan love Daddy.” Boo-hooooooooooo!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear son! We love you so much!


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