E’s 2nd birthday – Actual day

Hubby and I took the day off from work to spend some quality birthday time with E yesterday.

Our baby is now 2!

We woke up late and made our way to his favourite ‘pick-nick’ spot at TTDI Kiara Park.

He went wet and wild at the stream!

Because he was all wet and covered in sand, we had to make a detour home for a quick shower before proceeding to Din Tai Fung for lunch.

Then we visited his party venue to tighten up some final details.

When asked if he wanted to see animals or go to the bookshop, he chose the former. So in the evening, we went to Ikea Restaurant for dinner, before proceeding to the large Pet Safari at IPC. Unfortunately, the shop was closed for its annual dinner. We made do by just watching the sea fishes swim by in the aquarium located in front of the shop.

We reached home at 9pm and had a birthday cake singing and cutting session.

After cleaning him up, E opened his presents from Aunty Ai Shiang and Aunty Mandy. He was very delighted with his new belongings – books and a remote control car!

Needless to say, we all went to bed tired and contented last night 🙂


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