E’s 2nd birthday – Tomorrow’s the day!

► Venue [√]
► F & B [√]
► Photographer [√]
► Decor [√]
► Party ware [√]
► Party favours [√]
► RSVP [√]

After almost two months of planning, the big day is finally here! We will be making our rounds to collect some dessert items and dropping by the party venue to put up the decor later today. Our house is going to be packed tonight as my father-in-law and parents plus nieces and nephew make their way here from our hometown. Then it’s collection of hot food items on Saturday morning and we’re ready to par-tayyyyyy!

We are expecting around 25 little guests and over 40 adults. I can’t wait to see the ‘chaos’ tomorrow 🙂

I tell ya’, party planning has never been this fun…it’s even more exciting than planning a wedding!

Photos to follow a week after the party, so stay tuned!


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