Dragon or not Dragon…does it really matter?

I’m not sure if you feel the same way but do you realise that there are not one, not two but MANY pregnant ladies around you now? I see bumps and mums at every turn in the mall and public areas. While shopping for a baby shower gift at a baby shop yesterday, I ran into five heavily expecting women there and became so stressed out that I ran towards my Husband in anxiety. Don’t ask me why I behaved this way…it’s just too overwhelming for my biological clock. Even my office isn’t spared; I was once cornered by four expectant moms in the lift…and there’s not even a baby warehouse sale going on there!

In other supposedly “normal” years, this would be a rare chance.

I’m a (Malaysian) Chinese myself but I don’t see the significance in having a Dragon baby. It is said that people born under the Dragon sign will live prosperous and great lives. To prove their claims, they will usually state a few examples of successful world celebrities and leaders. But there are so many millions of Dragon people in the whole wide world. Does that mean that each and every one of them have/will be blessed with an easy life? The same goes to other animals under the Chinese zodiac – that Bull people will have a hard labourious life, Rabbits and Roosters can’t get along well and so on.

I find it hard to justify the concept of accepting one single claim and apply it across the board – that if you’re this, you will be that.

No, I believe that it doesn’t matter what zodiac sign you are born under – be it Dragon, Monkey, Fish, Duck or Owl – as long as you work hard and take charge of your life/mind, you will be able to get to whatever destination your heart desires.

Baby #2 – our take on Dragon year
E just turned two recently. For an ideal age gap, we should probably start trying for a baby already. But the Dragon baby rush that is happening right now is kind of scaring us off, merely because:

1. The wait for monthly check-up would be horrendous with so many preggar moms waiting for their turns, isn’t it?

2. What if there isn’t any labour or maternity room for me in the hospital when I go into labour due to the number of women giving birth? I don’t want to sleep in the ward corridor!

3. My boss’ son is a Millenium year Dragon baby. He had to be put on the waiting list for submission into private school for months. To secure a spot, my boss placed deposits in several private schools and just waited it out. Mind you, we are talking about education institutions that require us to pay thousands of ringgit every term. It would be stressful for not only the parents, but the child too, don’t you think?

4. With so many fresh graduate Dragons being unleashed into the work industry all at the same time, the job competition would be high and it would be tough for the child to find a job, right?

5. My Hubby’s colleague predicted that this year’s Water Dragon isn’t good…because it spurts out water, instead of fire! LOL!

Maybe we are thinking way too much ahead but if we can make it easier for ourselves and our child, why not?

I shared these concerns with people who asked me “When’s #2 coming?” and most agreed that it would be a mad rush for both parents and child. But one particular pespective from my facial therapist balanced my view on the entire issue. She said:

“Just let it be, come what may. Who knows, your Dragon child may grow up to be a smart fella who skips a level in school, or holds a degree in a very niche industry? Let nature take its course. If he/she chooses to come into your lives regardlessly, he/she is meant to be your child. We can’t plan too much sometimes. It’s all destined”


Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be…♥


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