E’s 2nd birthday – Let’s par-tay!

Photos by Jenlyn Chua

We threw a bash for Ewan’s 2nd birthday last Saturday, 24 March 2012 at Kizsports & Gym – Empire Shopping Gallery. Around 23 little guests and their parents, coupled with his cousins from my family’s side, turned up for the party. Themed “Barnyard Bash”, the party was short, simple yet fun-filled. The kids had a whale of a time running around the playland, climbing up and down tunnels, slides and pools of balls.

Party signage by Cheah and Esther

The morning before the party started off stressful but everything fell into place eventually. The initial plan was to divide and conquer – Hubby would pick up the main dishes from my colleague’s cousin, while I would pick up the finger foods from a bakery near our house with E staying home with his Grandpa for a while. Alas, he woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning and was extremely clingy plus didn’t want anyone else but me. So Grandpa tagged along the trip to the bakery, with a very upset toddler crying at the back passenger seat 🙂

Once everyone is home, we then rushed to the playland to set up the food and get the venue ready.

Our existing birthday banner
Personalised 'Farmer' name placard for each little guest
Overall look of the party room

A friend in need is a friend indeed! Christina was already there when we arrived. She was a great help; we wouldn’t have managed without her!

Christina - hard at work!

Liz, who was visiting from Adelaide, dropped by shortly after that, and helped out as well. Thank you so much, gals!

The only photo we have of Liz in the party 😦

The guests were served the following:

E's birthday cake
Egg salad sandwiches
Cream puffs
Fruit tarts
Lemon poppyseed muffins

Besides that, they also had fried beehoon, fried macaroni with chicken, curry chicken puff, spinach quiche, fish ball, spring roll as well as packet drinks for adults and low sugar homemade soya milk for the kids.

Party packs were supplied by the playland:

Popcorn, stationery set, sweets and notepad

We also threw in a mini spoon and fork as a party favour for each child:

Colourful animal-themed cups and fork/spoon set from Daiso

Soon, the guests turned up.

E's cousins
E's friends from the daycare
More friends from the daycare and playdate
Even the teachers and kakaks from E's daycare joined in the fun!

After a short play session, we gathered the kids for cake cutting. They ‘ooh’-ed and ‘ahh-ed upon seeing the lovely cake and some had to be restrained from poking the fondant figurines. E didn’t like the attention and would only sit on the birthday chair if I go with him. So I did!

He was in awe when everyone sang him the “Happy Birthday” song. We blew the candle and cut the cake together.

The birthday boy loved the Timmy on his cake

Horny the Cow and Hottie the Sheep were a hit among kids and adults alike!

Wallace posing at Horny the Cow
Zoey trying out Hottie the Sheep
Yu Syuen's mommy was such a sport!

We vacated the party room by 12.30pm while some of the kids continued playing.

Wallace and his mommy enjoying the giant slides

E’s birthday bash would not have been made possible without the kind help from these people:

► F&B – Christina, Elizabeth and my second sister
► Décor and party invitation – Cheah, Esther, Lydia, Norman and Nurul
► Cake – Emily Dorall
► Photography – Sam (thanks to him, we were introduced to Jenlyn who did a fabulous job under his guidance!)

If you like the photos taken and would like the contact of the photographer, please email me. They are the works of Jenlyn Chua, a young and enthusiastic photography student. Despite minimally paid for this job, Jenlyn and her partner gave their all during the party. They had a very good synergy with the kids and managed to capture lots of priceless and candid expressions. We received the full set of photos three days after the party. Thumbs up for Jenlyn!

Lastly, the family photo before we brought down the birthday banner:


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