Oh baby!

Having been in a party planning mood lately, I decided to throw my colleague, Lara, a simple baby shower. Her baby girl is due in early May.

I have neither attended nor organised a baby shower prior to this, so it was pretty much a straight-forward one courtesy of guidance from Mr Google. There were…

Cost: Free

Email invitation

Baby-themed cupcakes
Cost: RM55 for 12 pieces

DIY ‘It’s a girl’ flag banners
They are made with eight sheets of A4 paper and a string. Free template can be obtained from Printable Party Kits.
Cost: Free

Balloon bouquet
Bought from Mummy’s Party Shop at Citta Mall.
Cost: RM30.90

For presents, we collated personalised messages from every colleague in the department and turned them into an A5 scrapbook.

Among the individualised messages for the scrapbook. The one in the middle has a slot to insert baby's photo!

As for the venue, we chose Entree Cafe at Damansara Uptown. The food there are delicious yet reasonably priced with a simple and nice ambience to appreciate. I particularly like their attention to details in food presentation. At RM6.99 for lunch set (Special of the Day) that comes with a lemongrass drink, it’s really value for money! And despite being peak lunch hours, the owners kindly accommodated all 11 of us and even lent us a tray to place the cupcakes as well as gave us a spot to put the presents.

Nadiah and I went to the venue 15 minutes earlier to do minimal set-up.

Entree Caffe

Here’s the glowing mom-to-be:

The guests

After a sumptuous meal, we played “Guess who gave the present” game with Lara and had her open her gifts:

The guest-of-honour unwrapping her presents
She loved the scrapbook we made!
The cupcakes were yummy too!

Back to reality. We walked back to office with balloons and presents after that.

Lunch was good, the shower was meaningful and most importantly, the expectant mom was touched! Here’s wishing Lara a smooth and speedy delivery πŸ™‚

What’s next? Perhaps a bridal shower for the special person who is getting married in January next year? πŸ˜€


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