Two LONG weeks

I’ve been lagging behind, and slacking too. Things have been crazy, crazier and craziest for the past two weeks.

First, E came down with hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD). He lost his appetite and was extremely cranky two Fridays before, refusing any food given to him and would only pick up bits and pieces of meat or tofu to eat. We dismissed this as just another toddler phase. Little did we know they were onset symptoms of HFMD, which we only discovered three days later after we brought him to the doctor for prolonged phlegm. Doctor found spots on his feet, ulcers in his throat and confirmed HFMD. Needless to say, both Hubby and I felt guilty big time for ignoring those clingy signs.

Second, as soon as the doctor told us the news, we shared it with E’s daycare owner – who is a long-time friend of mine. Being a responsible operator, she announced it to other parents and asked them to monitor their kids closely. She also called the Ministry of Health, who confirmed that HFMD cases were on the rise and are six times more than last year, with Selangor and Penang quite badly hit. The daycare was ordered to close for 10 days. We later found out that four other kids were infected too.

As a result, parents like us were left with no choice but to keep our child at home.

Third, this was when the stress commenced. The initial idea was for Hubby and I to rotate and take half day leave everyday. My boss felt that it would be better for me to work from home instead so that our workflow would not be disrupted. I did, for a day, when someone in the office spied on me and told the big boss about it. My boss got a good sounding from him as there’s “no such thing as working from home”. Cold blooded freak. In my defense, I would rather go to office than work from home. You think it’s easy to juggle a toddler who demands attention all the time while running up and down my laptop to check/respond to job requests? Amidst preparing lunch, giving E the best care and attention?

Fourth, so back to office I did while Hubby took the entire week off. Meantime, understanding the predicaments most parents faced, the daycare operator tried hard to work out an alternative by placing groups of children in different venues. We offered our house as a makeshift daycare for those infected with HFMD while the healthy ones with no symptoms go to the operator’s second house. We were expecting 4-6 kids but when the time came, many of them had already been sent back to their hometown to be taken care by their grandparents. Unfortunately, we do not have such an option. Two caregivers were sent to my house every morning for three days this week to care for E and 8-month old baby Swayne. E went back to his daycare centre today.

Fifth, amidst all the chaos, I came down with a bad case of food poisoning. If that wasn’t bad, the doctor in TMC misdiagnosed me and the medical bill cost us a bomb. We were all worried and stressed out for two days before I sought a second opinion from our trusted doctor this morning. I am currently on medical leave. You will find out why we were stressed out in the next few posts.

Thank goodness not all was bad; we got ourselves busy with fulfilling the wishlist for Ti-Ratana welfare homes, thanks to the contributions from E’s friends’ parents who heeded our request for donations instead of presents as well as balance of funds raised from the previous charity drive for poor communities at Lembah Subang. More details will be shared in AKDAD soon.

What’s more, my dear Hubby got promoted to a Superintendent at work! I don’t know what’s that but it sounds super and I’m very proud of him. He received another promising news but it’s way too premature to rejoice now.

So that pretty much summed up my silence past two weeks. Hope to blog more soon!


4 thoughts on “Two LONG weeks

  1. melanie

    it must have been a tiring 2 weeks…and i understand E’s crankiness as i myself got infected HFMD a few years back…yes, u read it right, ME!! before that, i always thought HFMD is associated with children, and i was wrong…i probably got infected when i went to a clinic due to fever, immunity was low and some child with HFMD was at the clinic… i remembered sleeping most of time for almost a week, after all the medications….wat an experience, even for an adult…

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Melanie, thank goodness E’s HFMD was pretty mild. Either that, he handled it really well as the crankiness only occurred for two days despite the ulcers on the throat. Guess what? You’re not alone. My Hubby got it last year too – through E as a carrier though he wasn’t infected. I’m sure he will agree with you how hard it was…the rough hands, awfully painful throat, extreme lethargy.

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