Diary of a wimpy mom – Part #1

14 – 18 March
Arghhh…where did all the energy go? Party planning can’t be that tiring, can it? All I want to do is snooze. Bed oh bed, thou art so comfy. I shall see you at 10pm everyday.

“Your driving makes me nauseous, I think you should sit behind one day and experience this for yourself!” – I said that to the Husband one day. He replied, “I think it’s the car. We need to get a new car.” *dumbfounded*

18 March
Mood swings – checked. Stomach cramps – checked. Sanitary pads – checked. Period – where are you?

Facial therapist saw me and said, “Is there a good news coming your way? Your skin is unusually oily today.”

Pants and shorts getting tight. Darn those late night suppers.

I. Am. So. Bloated.

Nobody’s looking….unbutton, unzip, undo. Phewwww….much better! Why is that man avoiding eye contact with me? Oops…forgot to fasten my zipper! *blush*

19 March
This can’t be real…I missed my period? Okayyyy, maybe I’m just too stressed out this month…from…from…ummm…ahhh, fighting with my sister-in-law! That’s IT! It’s all her fault! Aunty Flo will be here soon. Meantime, let’s get a cheap test kit and try it out. It’s FUN!

Okay, nobody in the toilet? Runnnnn and lock! Urinating into a cup in the office toilet is no fun at all. There’s nowhere for me to place the cup and stick after. Eikkk…I just dipped my fingers into my own urine. Now, how do I wash them? Flush the toilet and carefully run my fingers through the water? Oh nooooo…this is a bad, bad idea.

Wait and wait and wait. Five minutes is up. One line only? See, I told you we can’t be THAT lucky. Plus, we only did it unprotected ONCE last month on the 19th day of cycle (and we weren’t even intentionally trying – just feeling randy and decided to ditch the ‘hat’). Info overloaded? I haven’t got into how it happened! Okay, sorry, maybe indeed too much info but for more details, please PM me. Charges apply. Terms and conditions included 🙂

20 March
Aunty Flo oh Aunty Flo, where have you been? I’m usually late by ±2-3 days. And the calculation for my period due date is always based on the longest possible cycle, so you should be here by now, no? You are already showing signs of arrival like movements in the uterus area, slight stomach cramps and dizziness.

I’m hungry and I need food NOW. One more minute? No no no, I mean NOW! An empty tummy makes me feel like puking.

~ To be continued ~

Note: Drafted on 22 March 2012


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