Diary of a wimpy mom – Part #2

21 March
Happy Birthday E!

In the morning:
♫ I feel good, nah nah nah nah….I feeeeeel good, nah nah nah! ♪

In the afternoon:
I’m freakin’ tired but ♫ my heart will go on and on…♪

In the night:
♫ I can’t barely recall but it’s all coming back to me now…♪

Just in case – I repeat, just in case – maybe I should get more test kits ready. So off I went to the nearest Guardian – which happened to be the same pharmacy I last bought a kit during my first pregnancy. Déjà vu.

At Guardian
Pink stick, blue stick. Why do they have two colours? I’ll get the one in pink…maybe the chances of baby being a girl is higher if I pee on a pink stick – that’s IF I’m pregnant.

Then, in the evening…
Me: Something’s not right with my body. There’s like some activity in my uterus area…like someone’s moving things around in there. And there’s so much noises and wind in my tummy. Think I should test again?
Hubby: Maybe…

In the bathroom
Me: Oh no, what a short stream. I need more pee. *grunt* More pee…more. I’m dried up. Arghh…whatever.

1 minute later
Me: Okay, window C has a line now – that means the test is done correctly. Good!

Two minutes later
Me: Still nothing in window T. False alarm again. Wait a minute, is that a line I’m seeing? Or is it the shadow? I must be imagining things. Hunnnnnnyyyyy!
Hubby: *Fighting to put on E’s pyjamas* Ya?
Me: Can you have a look at this? I thought I saw a faint line but not sure if I’m imagining it.
Hubby: Wait, let me wear his pants first.
Me: No….go now. We HAVE to read the test results in under five minutes!
Hubby: Okay okay….
Me: *Helped E with his pants* So how is it?
Hubby: Ya lar, there’s a faint line lar.
Me: *Ran to the bathroom* Are you sure? Omigosh…how now?
Hubby: Ummm…good?

Seeing double or single?

One hour later
*Silence and still shocked*

One hour 15 minutes later
Me: Gahhh…it’s only a faint line. If it’s really true, are you happy?
Hubby: Yes of course!
Me: Then why are we not showing it?
Hubby: I’m still shocked. We never conceived easily.
Me: And it was only one time of fun. Ishk!
Hubby: I think the TCM strengthened your womb.
Me: Maybe…so hebat right? And perhaps the yin yoga too. But how come the feelings weren’t like what we felt with Ewan? I’m scared…to go through everything all over again. What do we do with E when I go into labour?
Hubby:: That’s what I was thinking too.
Me: But hey, if it’s true, this baby is planned right? He/she is meant to be ours, only that he/she came two months earlier from our plans. And it’s going to be a November baby…just like you!
Hubby: And Odee too 🙂
Me: And we can avoid the CNY season when confinement charges are double the fees!
Hubby: Maybe we are, after all, meant to have a Dragon baby!
Me: Let’s schedule an appointment with doctor to confirm this before we jump into any conclusion.


Maybe…maybe…my life is going to change all over again 🙂

~ To be continued ~

Note: Drafted on 23 March 2012


7 thoughts on “Diary of a wimpy mom – Part #2

  1. angeliney

    Aiyoyo… suspence only! Relate so well to your “diary of a wimpy mom”… almost same timing too. Btw, there is no false positive test one leh! So are we both expecting Nov Dragon babies? 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      Angeline! 🙂

      Did you see that very, very faint line? Not good enough for me to believe. Part #3 coming up soon, kekeke!

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