Diary of a wimpy mom – Part #3

22 March
This can’t be real. Let’s not jinx it but except the uncomfortable hunger pangs and bloated feeling, everything else feels really normal. It wasn’t like that with E. The only person who knows now is my second sister. I need guidance if this is true. I’m feeling more stressed than excited. Can we manage financially? Will I get to birth at my own pace? Will the hospital have a room for me to sleep in after delivery? It’s Dragon year, for goodness sake!

And “Terrific” Two seems to begin on the dot! E has been so clingy and whiny all day long. Odee too – except that it’s “Fantastic” Five for him as he barked for no reason, messed up our clean clothes and peed at the non-designated areas. Could it be that my hairkid and furkid could sense the impending arrival of a new family member?

23 March
Googling up “How to tell your boss you’re pregnant”. No, make it “How to tell your boss you’re pregnant after only four months with the company”. Shucks! *bangs head*

OMG I’m supposed to strut down the aisle for one of my besties’ engagement ceremony end of April. I’m supposed to look dainty and lovely in a saree. How now, brown cow? Will she still want me? But the saree is too pretty 😦

OMG Another of my buddy is getting married in Nov and that’s when baby will be due – if this pregnancy is real. OMG I have confirmed that we will be attending…

The occasional mild queasiness doesn’t seem believable too. Okay, no more torturing myself with never-ending questions anymore. I’m calling Dr Choong’s clinic to schedule an appointment.

24 March
It’s E’s par-tayyyy day! Looking normal, feeling fabulous! In case anyone suspects, I better dress normally too: blouse, shorts and wedges.

Oh that’s my heavily pregnant eldest sis! Maybe I shouldn’t go near her, she can probably sense the pregnancy vibes and let the cat out of the bag.

Nobody should know this. Nobody is allowed to know until it’s confirmed. We don’t even know if it’s a viable pregnancy yet. Okay, maybe the mom of Zhe Shuen – E’s friend from daycare – can know. She was talking about this really good confinement lady she has previously engaged. Not just good, but really really good – as she signed the thumbs up passionately! I have to grab the contact. It’s Dragon year, for goodness sake! Who knows, all the quality confinement ladies may all been booked up for even babies that are not conceived yet! *Kiasu radar alert*

Uhmm, why is she hugging me? I only said, “I MAY be pregnant!”

Okay SERIOUSLY, nobody else should know after this until at least we get a confirmation from the doctor. NOBODY, I mean NOBODY!

Well…maybe we can make an exception for my father-in-law since he’s in town. He’s after all, the baby’s grandpa, IF there’s a baby. I shouldn’t be deprived of his instant reaction. Right? Right!

During dinner
Me: *Typed “Tell your dad we’re expecting, I want to see his reaction. Tell him not to tell others yet” on my iPhone and passed it to Hubby*
Hubby: Really? Now?
Me: *nod*

Two minutes later (and reluctantly)
Hubby: Pa, we may be expecting.
FIL: Mmmm.
Hubby: But not confirmed yet.
FIL: 121212 baby?
Hubby: No lar, maybe November but don’t tell first.

Ishk, I was expecting a “Really? I’m going to have another grandchild? OMG!” followed by a chicken dance. No luck.

~ To be continued ~


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