Diary of a wimpy mom – Finale

25 March
It was a faint line four days ago right? Let’s try and get a prominent line today! I have saved my pee for this moment.

Urgh, what IS wrong with Guardian test kit? I have peed so much on it yet the urine doesn’t get absorbed after two minutes. Maybe I should tilt it, yes vertically like that. But the leaflet said I shouldn’t. Another faint line. This kit is a con job.

Okay, this may be the last time I’m going to be pregnant, so let’s invest in a really good pregnancy test kit! Ahhh…Clear Blue Digital kit….my precioussss!

The result:

"2-3" means there are 2-3 babies in there! LOL!

Hubby came down from a shower. I showed the kit to him. He exclaimed, “Congratulations to us!”

First gynae check-up this Wednesday. Can’t wait.

27 March
Tantrum alert, tantrum alert! Very upset toddler on the move! E was unexplainably upset since he woke up this morning. He wanted to sit in the potty and read and play puzzles. He refused his breakfast. I was not allowed to move a centimetre further from him. If he has a glue, I swear he would stick us together permanently. He kept crying and crying and crying – just plain upset – even after we reached his daycare. I left for work with a heavy heart, listening to his wails as I walked to the car 😦 Maybe he could really sense it. But he was the one who wanted a didi or meimei, wasn’t he?

Note: Drafted on 27 March 2012


20 thoughts on “Diary of a wimpy mom – Finale

    1. joeyllhow

      Thank you! No la…2-3 means baby was conceived 2-3 weeks ago. We are very sure there’s one in there only, at least that’s what Steve insisted 🙂

  1. angeliney

    And I thought there will be 10 parts to the story. See… told you that there is no such thing as a FALSE positive! Even a faint line = A LINE! Congratulations! 🙂 The first to sense my current pregnancy is my LO. She stuck on to me like a GLUE. She came and slept on top of me 5 days before I did the pregnancy test. That was before I even missed my period. Now she is still as sticky. Do you know your EDD yet? Btw, found CL yet? I called so many, almost all fully booked.. really year of dragon!

    1. joeyllhow

      A ‘pregnant’ word seems a lot more convincing that a faint line, don’t you think? Marketing gimmick ah 🙂 Same here, E was so sticky at the beginning, still is though a lot more better now. I’ll send you the CL list I have, maybe can find one there.

  2. Fazleen

    So it’s true!
    I have been waiting for this part – congratulations!
    🙂 and you hid it well, with all the parties and community services etc..
    So happy for you 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks Fazleen 🙂 The nausea didn’t strike until week 6. I’m homebound most of the time on weekends now, nursing the morning sickness :S

    1. joeyllhow

      It’s amazing how the little ones can sense it before we do! I’ve got so many questions to ask you, especially on confinement. Soon in May, I hope! 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks Mel! And sorry I totally forgot to share the code with you and Louise. Sudah tua, ingatan tak bagus 😉

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