Hello ddmm :)

Meet didimeimei (ddmm) – as E called it – our baby #2 in the making!

Are you seeing two? LOL!

Yes, it’s confirmed. We are expecting!

The first appointment with Dr Choong to confirm the pregnancy on 28 March 2012 was pretty uneventful although the wait was awfully long. Hubby took half a day leave to go with me and hear from the horse’s mouth himself that “You’re having baby #2”. As soon as we stepped into the consultation room, Dr Choong said, “Congratulations!” with a big smile.

Am I the only second time mom-to-be who has forgotten everything about pregnancy? After checking my blood pressure and heartbeat, I was ushered to the examination bed and was taken aback when the nurse asked me to take off my pants and undies for an intravaginal ultrasound. Is it really necessary? Can’t they just scan my abdominal area? Oh gosh, will she stare at my undesirable granny undies? *blush*

I was then informed that the pregnancy is too early to be detected via abdominal scanning. The same goes for baby’s heartbeat. We will have to wait until the next appointment in a month’s time to see/hear that.

I don’t want to jinx this but Baby has been extremely kind to me so far. Unlike my first pregnancy with E, I haven’t been experiencing much pregnancy symptoms so far except uncomfortable pangs whenever I’m hungry. My heart grinned when Dr Choong said, “Very mild symptoms? Maybe it’s a girl, that’s why you’re not feeling what you felt last time. But that’s not confirmed ya…maybe only” Hubby and I have already concluded that boy or girl this time around, come what may. We will still be happy and grateful for the blessing.

We managed to clarify some doubts that have been lingering in our minds for the past few days too:

Q: With the mad rush for Dragon year and such, do you expect the labour and maternity wards to be so packed that there will be no availability when our turn comes?
A: My October so far seems to be quite packed but it really depends on your choice of hospital. The popular ones now are SunMed, Sime Darby, Gleneagles and Prince Court. Pantai KL is in the 5th or 6th ranking. Besides, PHKL has 10 labour rooms, so you won’t be stranded. It shouldn’t be a problem.

Q: I had sashimi, fresh oysters and runny eggs before I discovered about the pregnancy. I also took a 10-day course of Neo-Penotran vaginal pessaries to treat my infection a week ago. Will everything be okay?
A: There’s no need to worry as long as you’re more careful with what you consume from now onwards.

Q: With this being a second child and our house being 20 minutes away from the hospital, will we be able to make it in time to the hospital for the delivery? Will I pop immediately?
A: The average number of hours from first contraction to delivery for most second-time mums is between six to eight hours. So yes, you still have the time to drive to the hospital.

The next check-up is in a month’s time! We can’t wait to see how much ddmm has developed πŸ™‚

Note: Drafted on 29 March 2012


13 thoughts on “Hello ddmm :)

  1. Congratulations and Take good care ya!
    By the way, I have something for you.. Will see how to pass it to you then… Hugsss πŸ™‚

    *kekeke… can you imagine if you’re entitled with the name of Gangster mama, as the Cantonese always said: the Green Dragon on your left and the White Tiger on your Right… lol…

    1. joeyllhow

      I feel bad Jie Sheng’s present is still with me :S Gangster mama? In a good way, I don’t mind. If ddmm is going to be like E, Steve and I will both go crazier than now. Haha, suddenly I’m thinking of the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” πŸ™‚

    1. joeyllhow

      So got to start working hard by end of this year ya? They say ‘baby luck’ runs in the office like a domino’s effect. Let’s hope it runs like that Lara – me – you πŸ™‚ My best wishes and lots of baby dust to you, Joyce!

  2. I had the vaginal ultrasound too because the doctor could not detect the baby because it is too small. Its uncomfortable but worth-it after seeing the little dot. πŸ™‚

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