BIP: w6 – w8

BIP = Baby In Progress

Week 6
► Confirmed and placed deposit for a confinement lady came recommended by Hubby’s aunt. His cousin has previously engaged this aunty before. We are paying RM3,300 for a 28-day service, excluding angpow.
► Diligently popping the pre-natal vitamins and acid folic. Read somewhere in a forum that LactoGG can help to break the inheritable eczema ‘genes’, so one capsule a day it is then.
► Commences “Operasi Adik”. Told E that there’s a baby growing inside me, it’s either a didi or a meimei. So he concluded that the baby’s name is didimeimei (ddmm).
► Also tried to introduce E to his own bed. Worked for the first three days. Then he was back in our bed by the next morning.
► Week 6 day 3 – E predicted ddmm is a mei mei.
► Week 6 day 5 – E predicted ddmm is a didi.
► Signed up for Hypnobirthing course in June. Can’t wait for couple time with Hubby again!
► E came down with HFMD.

Week 7
► Week 7 day 1 – E used his ESP skills and predicted ddmm is a mei mei. It’s gonna be a didi in a few days’ time, I’m sure.

► Okay, I really jinxed it. It’s morning-afternoon-night sickness with nausea and lots of gas, like being in a small boat on choppy waves all day long. I’m not gonna puke. Not. Gonna. Puke. Mind over matter, mind over matter…ooommmm….*meditate*

► Switched from yin yoga to prenatal yoga class. Instructor said, “Don’t eat for two…breathe for two instead!”

► Yet another pregnancy scare. Came down with abdominal cramps on Wednesday night and went to the A&E of Tropicana Medical Centre. No bleeding, just stomach ache. Silly medical officer there said “threatened abortion” without even checking or touching me. Crazy obgyn was called in, who said I had subchorionic hematoma – also known as blood clot behind the pregnancy in the uterus.

We were crushed. I was given Proluton injection, Duphaston pills and ordered bed rest. Saw didimeimei’s first heartbeat here too – rapid blinking dots even before the doctor could point it out. The pregnancy didn’t feel more real than now.

The next day, the cramps intensified and I started having 3-4 times of diarrhea in a day. Completely weak from the ordeal, we thought the obgyn could be right. I was devastated. Hubby couldn’t sleep that night.

I decided to bug Dr Choong and consulted him first thing in the morning at his clinic the next day. Had another intravaginal scan. “Just intestinal upset,” he said calmly. What?! Why did that moron gave me medications for threatened miscarriage? What’s wrong with the doctors these days?!

Diarrhea continued for the next four days. Felt extremely gloomy over the weekend for the restlessness, discomfort and exhaustion. Felt guilty and worried for consuming medications, although prescribed Dr Choong. Afraid they might harm baby.

► Mad at my mom because she didn’t call to check how I was doing. *sulk*

Week 8
► Tummy begins to show too. It’s probably gas but by evening, I look four months pregnant, not two. With E, I only started showing at six months.

8 weeks

► Have been having difficulty sleeping. Sleep on the left side, my heart palpitates real fast. Sleep on my back, my back hurts. With E, I only felt this after the 6th month. Decided to pamper myself and bought a Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow. Hey, it’s a justifiable purchase! It doubles up as a breastfeeding support pillow too 🙂

► Hubby has been diligently boiling nutritious chicken soup for me. ♥ So loved ♥

► Nausea comes in the morning, subsides in the afternoon and full-blown in the evening. I dread dinner time.

► Began my research on gentle, unmedicated, unintervened, calm birth. I want to be in total control this time around and manage labour gracefully. No more dramas like last time, I hope. Going to pick up Childbirth Without Fear by Grantly Dick-Read.


8 thoughts on “BIP: w6 – w8

    1. joeyllhow

      LOL did you imagine me being hypnotised by a cuckoo-fy coach? 🙂 The name doesn’t do this practice a justice honestly. It’s a course to condition the mind to be fear-free of labour and manage it as part of our body’s natural capabilities to birth gently. It “allows women to use their natural instincts to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing in a way that most mirrors nature.” I have read/heard nothing but positive stories from mums who went through the course and most ended up with very gentle birth without any medical interventions. More info here:

  1. melanie

    i first came across the word hypnobirthing when i saw an article that jessica alba did that for both her labours….i think it is worth trying since there are positive stories…. and you have scored with a reasonably-priced confinement lady…. i heard it is difficult to find one since it is dragon year…

    1. joeyllhow

      Mel, when your time comes, let’s compare notes! I have heard great stuff about hypnobirthing, so if it can help me with managing labour better (still fearful from past experience), why not? Good excuse to get away for couple time too, hehe. Yes, CLs are so expensive these days. Those from KL charge around RM3.5k – RM3.8k these days. And that’s excluding angpow. At least I’m paying what I paid two years ago…no complaining already 😀

  2. limbq

    hey hey… I can see your baby bump even though it’s just only 8 weeks old 🙂
    one of my friend is expecting Dragon baby too, and her baby bump is so obvious compared with the first baby 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      I initially thought the bump was baby, only to realise that it’s actually gas from indigestion LOL! It can’t be baby, he/she is supposed to be the size of an olive at 8 weeks gestation 🙂

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