REVIEW: Pregnancy test kits

I have had the privilege of trying out two brands of pregnancy test kit recently.

How do they work?
These tests function by measuring the HcG level in our urine. A hormone that is produced by our body during pregnancy, it doubles approximately every two to three days. Hence, the longer you wait to test, the more accurate the result is. If your period is irregular, you may want to wait for the longest possible cycle to pass before peeing on the stick.

Here are my findings:


Urine stick with line indicators

How to use
Urinate on the tip, replace the cover and place it on a flat surface. Results can and should be read within five minutes.

► One line on window C only – test is working properly / not pregnant;
► Two lines on window C and window T – pregnant;
► The results remain on the display window for days after.

Price & Availability
RM12.90 each or RM24.90 for 2s at all Guardian pharmacies

► Affordable
► Ergonomic design for easier grip

► Absorbency of pee tip could be better. Results took up to three to four minutes to appear.
► Pee tip is thinner and smaller hence aiming your urine on it, without wetting the test windows, can be rather challenging and messy. Recommended to collect urine in a cup and dip stick in it.

As the absorbency of the pee stick was slow and did not seem to be reacting after two minutes’ wait, I tilted the kit vertically to assist the urine flow in being absorbed. Although it is claimed that the sensitivity is 99% accurate if tested from the day your period is due, this is rather questionable.


Urine stick with digital indicator display

How to use
Urinate on the tip, replace the cover and place it on a flat surface. Results (whether you’re pregnant or not) can be read within two minutes while the conception indicator results may take longer to appear – around 4 minutes.

► Hour glass symbol – Test is working properly
► Word indicators – “Pregnant” or “Not pregnant”
► Figure indicators – “1-2”, “2-3” and “3+” signify the approximate number of weeks since you conceived

The results remain on the display window for 24 hours before it turns off automatically (and permanently).

Price & Availability
RM28.90 each at most local pharmacies

► Easy to read – no guessing or interpreting lines. It’s either “Pregnant” or “Not pregnant”
► Wide tip allows urine stream to be collected more easily
► Tells you when your baby was actually made! (That’s if you keep track of the dates when those passionate moments took place)
► Ergonomic design for easier grip
► Can be used up to four days before period is due. In clinical testing with early pregnancy samples, 55% of women received a ‘Pregnant’ result 4 days early, 86% of women 3 days early, 97% of women two days early and 98% of women 1 day early.

► Painfully expensive – at more than double the compared brand
► Not environmentally friendly as it is not only bigger and made of plastic, but also contains a battery. Please dispose the battery separately.

If your period is constantly irregular and you have the budget to splurge, go for this! It’s easy to use and more assuring. I somehow find that seeing the word “Pregnant” is more elating compared to two lines. Yes, I’m sucker for marketing gimmicks 🙂

If you have been getting unsure, faint-line results, the probability of pregnancy is high. To be really sure (and in some cases, revive from denial), you may want to invest in the ClearBlue Digital kit. Otherwise, a regular test kit will do, especially if you are already experiencing strong symptoms of pregnancy. Like my sister said – “You might as well use the money spent for home test kits to see a gynae and confirm it for real through ultrasound!”


2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Pregnancy test kits

  1. lucy

    Hye there.. I have some problem here.. My problem is, already a week I have no period.i should have period on 7 august 2012..but I have check my pregnancy test by my own (buy pregnancy test kit from pharmacy) and d result is negative..and my question is what should I have to do now?can I trust d pregnancy result ?really worry about this.need ur advice..thanks


    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Lucy, if you want to be extra sure, check again in 4-5 days time and perhaps purchase a more accurate one such as Clearblue digital test. Otherwise, the best way to confirm a pregnancy (or not) is via a visit to an obstetrician for an ultrasound scan. Hope this helps!

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