ddmm: Breaking the news

The plan was to break the news to my boss a month after Dr Choong confirmed the pregnancy but it happened sooner than I have expected. To avoid suspicions, I behaved and dressed like normal though it was starting to get really challenging trying to squeeze my bum into my favourite pair of slacks. My back has been hurting from the high heels too.

It was like the whole team had a premonition about my pregnancy because all they talked about over lunch for the past week was pregnancy, birth and baby. Or caressing my tummy to compare whose is more bloated. Or saying things like, “When your turn comes, we will throw you a baby shower too!” and “If your next baby is a girl, we can just reuse the flag banners you made for Lara!” At one point, my boss wanted me to demonstrate how to perform sit-ups properly for a flatter tummy. Of course I didn’t! I slithered my way out by showing a pretend, stand-up one instead.

The dilemma
Deep inside, I couldn’t help but to feel guilty for their enthusiasm and genuine care. I wished I could tell them but it was just not the right time. I felt more confused than excited, and I knew I wasn’t being fair to the baby. When my youngest sister WhatsApp-ed me one Sunday morning and said, “Haha heard you’re pregnant!”, I freaked out and went berserk, leaving several missed calls for her. How did she know? Is it through anyone in the Facebook? My boss cannot hear about this from anyone; it has to be first-hand from me. I only told my family members so far and was planning to share this news with my youngest sister when I’m back in hometown. She’s pregnant now too and I thought telling her face-to-face would be more meaningful since our babies will be peers.

Even as I jotted down the memories as draft posts in IATH – as seen in Diary of a Wimpy Mom Part #1, Part #2, Part #3 and Finale as well as Hello ddmm, I was so tempted to hit the “Publish” button many times but had to hold myself back. Not now, not until my boss knows.

The conversation
So what happened yesterday lifted the burden off my shoulders instantly. As usual, they were talking about babies but this time around, the topic revolves around ‘trying to conceive’. It went something like this:

Boss: I think you should start trying already. It will be a nice age gap. It took me more than a year to conceive my second one. It always seem harder the second time around for most women.
Me: Really? I thought you had your second child accidentally?
Boss: Yes, kind of…when we gave up trying. And it was a day before my period was due. We didn’t know that it would happen for real because I have always wanted to avoid having Chinese New Year season baby.
Me: Ohh…
Boss: Quickly try la, two years gap is just nice.
Me: But I just started with the company a while ago…it’s not nice to go on maternity leave so soon.
Boss: Nah, when it happens, it happens. Stop worrying about things like that.


Me: As a matter of fact, I’m pregnant already.


Colleague A: I knew it! I could sense it all along when you teased about your bloated tummy during Lara’s baby shower that day. And the reason why you had to stop taking LifePak because of ‘some health conditions’ you mentioned? That was enough to raise eyebrows.
Colleague B: Eh, really ah? Is it true? How far along?
Colleague C: Congratsss!
Boss: Good good! Our department is so ong (lucky)!

After that, I sent an email titled “I spilt the beans…” to Hubby.

Phewwww….it’s good to be myself again. It’s good to be able to acknowledge ddmm’s presence, giving him/her the deserving recognition and enjoy my pregnancy 🙂


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