♥ “Ewan love mommy” ♥

Those were the words I have hung on to since E uttered them one night while we were lying down on the bed and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ear. It’s our nightly routine of my professing love for him – something I have done even more often with the discovery of this pregnancy.

I would usually say: “Mommy loves Ewan a lot. Do you know that? A lot, BIG BIG lot” followed by a gesture of hands. Sometimes I would dramatise it by saying “Mommy love Ewan so very much…like as high as the mountain, as deep as the sea”

He would usually keep quiet and listen as I express this but that night, he reciprocated. Right before he fell asleep, he said “Ewan love Mommy”, gave me a peck on the lips and a big warm hug. Life changing. Tear jerking.

“Do you love …?”
Last night, I was craving to hear those words from him again. In my attempt, I asked:

Me: Do you love Mommy?
E: Yes.
Me: Do you love Daddy?
E: Yes.
Me: How about Odee?
E: Yes.
Me: Do you love Ah Mah? (maternal grandma)
E: Yes.
Me: How about Ah Kong? (maternal grandpa)
E: Yes.
Me: Do you love Kong Kong? (paternal grandpa)
E: Yes.

Then just as I skipped straight to Mak Cho (paternal great grandma), E interrupted and said “Grandma?” By “Grandma”, he meant my late mother-in-law whom he has never met before.

Choked with emotions, I said, “Yes yes, of course there’s Grandma too. Do you love Grandma?”

E exclaimed a firm “Yes!”

Grandma must be beaming with pride and happiness from up above last night.


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