Adventures with animal figurines

One of E’s all-time favourite toys is the pack of animal figurines I got for him when he was around nine months old. Fast forward almost 1.5 years later, he is still playing with them. Unlike his expensive and interactive Leapfrog and Fisher-Price toys, he has not shown any signs of readiness to retire them yet.

In fact, these animal figurines are one of the best toys we have ever gotten for him. Simple, fuss-free yet drives his imagination wild. Costing me only RM12.90 from Carrefour, they are probably not the highest quality toys he has ever owned, but we play safe by ensuring that he doesn’t mouth them.

The figurines – comprising of one horse, one donkey, three cows and one sheep – have followed him on many adventures. They have swum with him in his inflatable pool and showered together with him in the bathtub. They have also encountered adrenaline-packed fall down his indoor slide and gone on a joy ride around the house in his 8-wheel truck where he walked them up one by one and lined them up nicely at the back of the trailer. On some days, he would bring them to the daycare to ‘share-share’ with his friends.

E recently added several more members to his entourage when his Grandaunt Amy bought him a very nice toy barn complete with farm animals. Ever since then, the pig, sheep, rooster, horse and cow joined in the fun too!

So what are the animals up to recently? After tucking him to sleep yesterday, we came down to find this:

They are watching TV, of course!

8 thoughts on “Adventures with animal figurines

    1. joeyllhow

      Oooo…I know the Schleich ones! Are they cheaper in Australia? E has one Schleich giraffe bought at RM35 during a charity fair here. It’s pricey but really good quality and like you said, life-like. Thanks for the link, I’ll drool over them πŸ™‚

      1. I forgot the price in Australia, the prices here seem reasonable, about RM14.90 for the small ones. I just bought a box of 30+ ELC tiny farm animal figurines from Mothercare BSC at RM39.90 less15% member discount. Looks good but has a slight smell, dunno if the made in China thing is really that safe or not. But as you said, definitely not for mouthing. I’m going to use it for home learning.

      2. joeyllhow

        Oh, I didn’t know they have more than one size! The giraffe we got for E was the larger one I believe. Shall check out the smaller version, easier on the wallet πŸ™‚

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