ddmm: Week 11 check-up

“You don’t have to come along if you can’t take time off, you know. I can go myself. Really, no hard feelings okay”

That’s what I told Hubby a few days before my next pre-natal check-up at Dr C’s clinic. He probably feared that I would find out ddmm’s gender on my own again and put him in suspense for a few weeks before revealing the truth – like what happened when I was pregnant with E. So he came along… ♪ la la la ♫

How to make your doctor happy
On the way to the clinic, we dropped by at Starbucks to get some breakfast for ourselves and Dr C. He has lost some weight recently and been looking rather tired, unlike his usual chirpy self – so we thought some hot and healthy breakfast may cheer him up and give a change to his mundane daily routine. His face brightened up when we passed the brown bag to him. Yes, it’s part of our PR efforts in ensuring a continuously fantastic doctor-patient relationship! 🙂

On the screen
A month ago, ddmm was still a dot. Today, he/she has grown hands, legs, neck and body. A seasoned father, Hubby played doctor and began to explain to me which is what on the ultrasound: “Hah, this is the head, the body is here and here are the hands!”

Dr C just listened on and probably thought, “So clever, take over my job la!” I couldn’t help but to chuckle and listen intently to the beaming father-to-be.

My instant thought the moment I saw ddmm on the ultrasound screen? “Oh boy, the baby looks like a boy!” I don’t know why I thought so, maybe it’s just mommy’s instinct. It’s still too early to tell the gender – we will find out on the 5th month. What say you?

ddmm twitched twice during the scan but I didn’t feel a thing, which further confirmed that what I felt the other night wasn’t ddmm, just gas bubble. He/she measured 5cm in size at 11 weeks – so once again, my bloated tummy isn’t ddmm but yet again, gas. Ishk…

ddmm had a quick nuchal translucency (NT) screening done today. Conducted at 11 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, it’s a scan to assess the thickness of soft tissues around the back of a foetus’ neck which will help to identify higher risks of chromosomal defects such as Down’s Syndrome. Dr C mentioned that ddmm’s NT measurement is 1.7mm which is within the normal range. There will be a blood test to further examine the accuracy of this in the next appointment but we are still contemplating whether we should skip this step entirely. Down or not, ddmm is still going to be our baby.

Here’s a money-saving tip!
We showed Dr C Target’s Up&Up prenatal vitamins from US which I have been consuming and asked if the nutrients listed are sufficient. “Good enough!” he confirmed. Albeit sold by Target, these vits contain all the necessary ingredients within the right percentage and are very, very affordable. Unlike those in Malaysia which costs around RM14.90 for a bottle of 30 tablets, we paid less than RM15 for a bottle of 100 tablets. Value for money, yo! So if you are planning to get pregnant or breastfeed in the long term, and have friends/relatives who are going to the US, get them to bring home some bottles.

Some of our key questions for Dr C this month:

Q: How much is waterbirth in PHKL? Am I a good candidate for waterbirth?
A: For natural delivery without any complications, it’s around RM4,500. As for C-sec, it can go up to RM11,000! As for waterbirth, it costs around RM6,000. Your previous pregnancy was fuss-free. If all goes well with this pregnancy, you can definitely go for waterbirth. But one thing I would recommend though is, you may want to consider taking up a Hypnobirthing course. It teaches you how to stay composed and manage contractions calmly.

A further survey with mommies who recently had waterbirth at PHKL under Dr C confirmed the costs above. Considering that I may opt to stay in the phweeeeeee two-bedded or four-bedded room this time around (a 2012 rooming promotion by PHKL) and if everything goes as planned, we should be able to stay within our budget….I hope! Why la does the noble act of bringing a life into the world can cost so much?!

Q: I know it’s a little too early to talk about birth plan but how possible is it for me to move around freely and labour at my own pace without constantly being strapped down by electronic foetal monitoring (EFM) machine?
A: My practise is, I will usually get the midwives to monitor the mom with EFM for 30 minutes upon admission. You are free to walk around after that although the midwives will come in once in a while to check on your baby’s heart rate with a manual foetoscope.

As you can see, I’m still quite traumatised and sceptical about hospital birth after the experience with Ewan. At the same time, I’m not sure if home birth is my cup of tea either. I have total faith in my body and my baby, and what God has in plans for us, but at the same time, I also believe that I do have control over my destiny in some ways. Let’s see if my perception change after the Hypnobirthing course.

Q: What actually happened with my previous birth? Was my baby breathing at all when he was born? What caused that to happen? Was it because I took epidural? I can’t remember the details because everything happened so quickly.
A: We don’t exactly know the cause for such cases. It could be because of the epidural, it could be something else. It just happens in some births. Ewan was slow in breathing when he was born. We had to help him breathe by resuscitating and intubating him. But bear in mind that not every birth will repeat its history. I don’t foresee the same thing happening to you again.

It won’t, I’m sure.


6 thoughts on “ddmm: Week 11 check-up

  1. Thanks for sharing this post with me 🙂 I am now 14 weeks 5 days along (2nd pregnancy too!) and just got slightly better from hyperemesis (extreme vomitting).
    I stumble upon your blog from mellomouse 🙂
    I have a blog too but its not accessible now, not sure what was the problem.
    Keep writing, I love reading your blog 🙂

  2. I used Shichida prenatal communication method and asked baby to open his legs wide during scan. He did! So at 12week scan, we already knew his gender. He did it again for the following scan, ha! Btw, I saw the notice at Shichida school asking for prenatal class enrollment, class in July.

    1. joeyllhow

      I’m guilty of being quiet and not communicating with ddmm, until recently! The 1st trimester was spent sleeping and feeling nauseated more than anything, hehe! Now I’m thinking whether I should start ddmm on the BabyPlus programme (http://www.babyplus.com/). I used that diligently throughout my pregnancy with E and he was a very alert baby (to the extent that we found it tiring, hehe!). It’s yet another dilemma.

      Yes, Shichida did call me about the prenatal class but I’m still contemplating about it because it seems that what will be taught is almost similar to my Hypnobirthing course – communicating with baby, positive vibes. Plus I think I know well enough about the benefits of breastfeeding 🙂

      I thought of saving some bucks and searched high and low for the English version of the book you mentioned but unfortunately, they only have it in Mandarin and Japanese 😦 Still trying to decide whether to go for it or not…it’s going to be held at Wisma Lim Foo Yong! :S

      1. Quite a pity that there isn’t an English version for the book. The book in Chinese covers quite comprehensively, including communicating to baby about almost any aspect of the pregnancy and delivery. And how to stimulate baby from birth to 6 months old.

        I didn’t go for hypobirthing course (though contemplated, and the timing didn’t match), yet the delivery was soooo smooth, fast & natural, I really think that the Shichida method works. A friend who just delivered #2 (went for the prenatal class) also had a super fast, smooth & natural. Moreover, the prenatal method follows on smoothly to the Shichida home practice after baby’s born. Baby Jae is very alert too (better than a stoning baby, ha!) and it’s hard to believe he’s crawling before 6 months and successfully pulled up to stand since yesterday (6.5 mths old). I’m finding hard to keep up with him, haha… Of course, this is just my sharing, just go with what you find most suitable. :). (It’s certainly kind on the pocket that I only got the book and didn’t attend class.)

        Oh, or I share with you the gist of the prenatal method when we meet up? You can just write notes and practice at home. But no guarantee it’d work, of cos! 🙂

      2. joeyllhow

        I believe that what a baby goes through during pregnancy/labour/birth does impact how he/she is going to be in terms of characteristics and temperament. The same goes for how motherhood will begin for us, hence my emphasis on achieving a gentle birth. Vee’s birth is almost similar with E’s but seeing you go through a fast and completely natural one gives me the inspiration that I can do it too.

        Hehe, sometimes I feel like as if I’m going through pregnancy for the first time – this course, that course. “Overreacting” to others. Yes yes, I would be very grateful if you could share the gist with me when we meet up. Just the thought of taking the train all the way to KL on a Friday is making me exhausted already.

        Thanks a lot, MieVee!

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