ddmm’s first possession!

Look what we got for ddmm recently?

A pre-loved Maxi Cosi Cabrio carseat!

We snapped this almost-new carseat/carrier during Kiddy Preloved Bazaar‘s three-hour online sale at RM450, around 50% off its original price. We figured that a pre-loved is more than adequate, since it will be used for a maximum of eight months only.

The blog owner, Yan, patiently guided me through and answered all my endless questions before the deal was finally sealed. We are very happy with the purchase as the carseat is as described – in tip-top condition with no tears, scratches, bobbles, rips or stains. The only downside is, Hubby had to make a 40-minute trip down to Kajang to collect it.

Thinking that it would be a waste of money considering how short-lived these infant carseats can be, it didn’t come across our mind to get a travel system during E’s time. Maybe it’s just E or maybe it’s the carseat, we reckoned that our current Group 0+ convertible carseat (suitable for newborn to 4 years) is a little too spacious for newborns, thus preventing them from feeling snuggled up and safe during a car ride. E was a small newborn at 2.9kg and seeing him in the big car seat was hilarious! Even the shoulder pads looked bigger than his head!

The ONLY time he slept in the car as a baby…when he was 1 month old

“Haiya, put pillows or towels to fill up the space la”, you say? Haiya, don’t like that la, let me buy mah…every mum needs their retail therapy okay! πŸ™‚

That was how we arrived at the decision to get a Maxi Cosi this time around, with the hope that ddmm can feel more comfortable and sleep in the car. Better still, sleep everywhere we go…so we can just carry and run…and oh, drink our English tea in style πŸ™‚

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