My 31(-2) birthday

The second anniversary of my 29th birthday was celebrated in a simple but meaningful way. In short, “warm and fuzzy” best summed up the day.

On the Saturday before, we were back in Malacca to commemorate my mum-in-law’s 4th anniversary of passing. Later that evening, Steve’s aunt (MIL’s sister) who has ever since took up the role of mothering us since MIL passed away, bought me a birthday dinner at my favourite South Indian restaurant, Turmeric.

On the morning of my birthday, I asked E whose birthday it is today. He naturally replied, “Ewan!” I said, “Nooooo…it’s mommy’s birthday today!” His face lit up and later on when I was brushing my teeth, he toddled into the bathroom with two cards in his hands and gave them to me. One was addressed to ‘Honey’, another to ‘Mummy’. Daddy’s work πŸ™‚

After sending E off to the daycare, Hubby and I went for breakfast before catching a movie at 1 Utama. No prize for guessing the right movie; Hubby knew me well enough that ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ would be the one to go with. Well, it’s not a movie you would want to watch if you’re pregnant, frankly. I cried during two scenes for whatsoever reasons when Rosie (played by Anna Kendrick) miscarried and Holly (Jennifer Lopez) successfully adopted an Ethiopian baby. I don’t quite like the way they portray labour and chibirth though – dramatic, painful and out of control. Okay okay, I’d better not spoil the storyline for those who haven’t watched.

For lunch, we had Canton-i’s overpriced but delicious wanton noodles before dropping by Jusco to get some groceries and household items. By 3.30pm, we were back at home…for a nap! Yes, just a nap and nothing more than that πŸ˜‰

We picked E up after that and went to the bakery to pick up the pre-ordered cake. Hubby got me my favourite Chocolate Temptation cake from Thymes Bakery.

Business was as usual in the evening – the part-time cleaners came, we had homemade dinner pre-cooked by Steve’s aunt and watched Law & Order – SVU. E was super excited when Hubby brought out the cake and quickly helped out with preparing the table with plates and forks. He sang along to the birthday song and helped me blow the candles. We then realised what the excitement was all about…he couldn’t wait to EAT the cake! E asked for a second serving πŸ™‚

The highlight of my birthday happened when we were all lying on the bed, ready to call it a day.

Me: Did you like the cake just now?
E: Yes, yes, yes!
Me: It’s yummy, isn’t it?
E: Yes yes. Happy burtday Mommy (followed by a big kiss and hug)

*Awww* One of the best birthdays ever!

From left to right: 20 roses from Hubby, cards from E and Hubby, L’occitane body butter and card from colleagues, towels from Hubby, photo album from Michelle

P/S: Don’t believe the number of candles you see on the cake. Hubby was just trying to be funny. I’m really only 29.
P/P/S: No photos for birthday lunch and dinner because the pregnant woman was too busy gobbling down food.


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