BIP: w12 – w14

Week 12
► Hubby seemed to be going through childhood again. First it was HFMD last December, now chickenpox. Next…his tooth will fall off 😉

► Dr C said that as long as I have been infected before, there’s no need to worry. His exact reply was: “If you had chickenpox before, no sweat. No problem”. The thing is, I can’t recall if I have had it. Called mom and said: “I’m going to ask you a question which you can’t answer you don’t know okay?” She worked well under pressure – turned to my younger brother immediately and asked “Have your sis got chickenpox before?” Yes, I have gotten it when I was in primary school. Phewwww!

► Held the fort as Hubby’s skin erupted into mini volcanos. Had an exhausting weekend of grocery shopping, meal planning, caring for E and managing the nausea. Had to cancel three appointments that weekend. Alas, things happened. Hubby didn’t want that upon himself either. A not-so Happy Mother’s Day to me.

Week 13
► Nausea subsided, energy returned! Woooot!

► Thankfully, E has been cooperative and behaving well since Daddy fell sick. This further confirms that his previous round of never-ending tantrums was caused by my lack of attention for him. *guilty*

► Attended my first Hypnobirthing class with Connie. I’m going to be her birth companion in August! The role will probably reverse when the time comes…she’s one of the most positive and calm moms I’ve ever met!

► Time to return to my pre-natal yoga class, which I stopped temporarily to nurse myself back to strength again.

► Now that I’m more or less back to my normal self, let’s plan for a family holiday!

Week 14

► Urgh, I jinxed it again! Nausea returned after the journey back to hometown. Maybe it’s the car ride. Usually three consecutive nights of going to bed earlier will do the trick.

► First time celebrating my birthday with a bun in the oven.

► E’s face lit up when we talk about holiday. He would mention “go to farm” and “see dolphins” excitedly. But can we manage a long-haul flight with an active toddler? Will we enjoy the holiday with me needing to rest every now and then? To go or not to go? Dilemmaaaaa…

► Seriously, I feel like an old woman in this pregnancy. Backache, lack of energy, nausea. Let’s not even talk about the (lack of) glow. How can one pregnancy be so different from another?


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