Overcoming a rough week

I had a rough week at work, hence the silence. Still finding strength and courage to overcome this, and trying my best to wipe out the negative vibes and channel some positive energy to ddmm. Priority changes when you are growing a life inside you.

I was browsing Facebook this morning and came across this inspirational sharing by a beloved mentor/teacher whom I have high regard for. Just what I needed to hear at this point of time:

We tend to keep asking and expecting for more until we hardly live our every blessing and life itself that we did not even have to ask to have. Counting our blessings is good but living a life being kind and helpful towards oneself and others is even more fulfilling and enriching than mere asking for more but never really knowing what for. Live and leave this world a better place than the day we arrived. ~ Oh Kim Leng

The next few months will be centralised around being kind to myself and a role model to my children. Because nothing else matter more. Not victory. Not money. Not ego. Only family.


6 thoughts on “Overcoming a rough week

  1. Chareen

    I went through an unfair difficult situation at work during most of my second pregnancy, being overloaded with tasks people don’t want to do, leaving me feeling demoralised and mistreated. Kinda understand how you feel to a certain extent.

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks for sharing, Chareen. My only worry now is affecting my unborn baby with these negative emotions and stress. With E, I was jovial all the way through the pregnancy. He’s naturally a happy boy now too.

      Do you think what we mothers go through during pregnancy does affect the characteristics of our baby? How different is both your children’s personalities?

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks BQ! I just need to stay focused and strong. Hopefully things will be better in the next few weeks. I’m motivating myself to approach this matter in a way I rarely do, hopefully it works! Thanks for the encouragement again 🙂

  2. Chareen

    I am pleasantly surprised that my second child is an easier, more contented and accommodating baby compared to my first child. He hardly cries except when he is really, really hungry. I think when there is nothing we can do about the work situation, we could shift our focus on what’s more precious and permanent in life, which is our family. My work situation was like a never-ending mental and emotional battle so I had to keep making a conscious effort to realign my focus.

    1. joeyllhow

      It’s comforting to hear that considering the stress you went through during your pregnancy. Indeed family comes first, not career. And seeing our kids grow makes issues like these seem trivial. Hope your work environment has improved greatly.

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