E turns 27 months!

Time for another update of E’s development and milestones. At 27 months, E is…

► Small but strong. He weighs 11.5kg.

► Albeit petite, he’s still the tough boy he has always been since a baby. Whenever he falls or hurts himself, he rarely cries unless it’s really serious. Even if he does cry, it won’t be for long before he’s back to his jovial self.

E had a bad fall at the daycare one day while jumping around with his bestie. This photo was MMS-ed to me by the daycare owner, explaining the situation and how he cried a little only.

► Soft and gentle approach works better with him when it comes to managing potential meltdowns, all thanks to Harvey Karp’s Happiest Toddler On The Block. I have not finished reading the book but the methods have so far worked with E (and some of the kids in E’s daycare too!)

► He becomes unruly whenever he’s overtired, hungry or go beyond his bedtime hours.

E with Daddy in a ferris wheel ride at Sunway Pyramid

► We didn’t know he’s capable of counting from 1 – 40 until we heard him mumbling on the bed one night.

► He can also recite A to Z and recognise the alphabets when randomly asked. His sensei at Shichida was so impressed when he could recite his phonics along with their accompanying images at one go. I was proud beyond words! *blush*

► His forte is in words. He can form a complete sentence by just piecing information together. For instance – when his Shichida class was unexpectedly cancelled the other weekend, I had to explain it to him as he was really looking forward to it. Before naptime, he said to me, “No Shichida class today because Shichida sensei’s car broke down” That was probably the longest sentence he has uttered so far!

► He has also grown more responsive in his Shichida classes, participating and responding to sensei’s questions. Whenever his sensei asks, “What song would you like to hear today?”, E would be the first to answer “ABCD!” without fail. His linking memory skills have also improved a lot. He’s able to sit quietly and focus throughout the one-hour session.

E during the flashcard session at his daycare

► He’s very helpful at home too, assisting with simple household chores like loading/unloading the washing machine with laundry, putting away his toys, bringing his cup/plate to the kitchen after eating, wiping the floor with cloth if he spills the water, watering the plants etc. Whenever we compliment his kindness, he would say, “Like rabbit” – as in the rabbit in Trace Moroney’s When I’m Feeling Kind book. Now we just need to teach him how to cook us a meal, wipe the ceiling fans and wash the car 😉

► We have had many times of successful poo-poo-in-the-potty sessions with him. He would still do it in the diaper at times especially when he’s too engrossed in playing. Pee-pee training has also seen progress, with E telling us when he needs to urinate.

► Still enjoys swimming! We are thinking to enrol him for swimming lessons but are worried that his eczema may worsen as a result. We shall see in the next few months.

► Some boys are crazy over cars and trucks, some over guns and action heroes. But my boy has been a big fan of animals since young. He was, and still is. Of late, he also likes to pretend play as a chef. We figure that he will either be a vet, farmer or chef 😉

► These days, he’s really addicted to puzzles. It’s the first and last thing in his mind when he wakes up in the morning and before he goes to bed at night. He could spend hours just sitting down there and playing, rotating between the few boxes of eight-piece puzzles.

E playing puzzles. Check out the because-I’m-focusing mouth 🙂

► He loves singing! With his huge improvement in speech, he can now sing a complete song effortlessly. Among his usual numbers include ABC, Itsy Bitsy Spider, I Love You, B-I-N-G-O, Twinkle Twinkle, Rasa Sayang, Burung Kakak Tua and more. And oh, his all-time favourite? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s none other than Old MacDonald 🙂

► Eczema wise, it’s getting harder and harder to make him wear his Scratchsleeves without any retaliation. I have recently introduced the Pharmanex g3 juice to him. Its high levels of antioxidants are said to boost the immune system and help with eczema. So far, the bouts of sniffles have reduced significantly ever since he started taking this.

► On bonding with ddmm, he sometimes sing, talk, kiss and stroke my belly.

E’s version of a big smile

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