BIP: w15 – w17

Week 15
► A stressful and dramatic week at work. Don’t want to remember it.
► When I was pregnant with E, I was jovial most of the time. It was as if nothing could take me down. But with ddmm, I’m an emotional wreck. I can cry over anything and everything under the cloud – whether it’s reading newspapers, watching TV or just plainly carrying out a normal conversation with someone.
► The more stressed out I am, the more nauseous I become.
► How come I have yet to feel movements inside me yet? Hello, anybody in there?

Week 16
► Both my babies functioned like clockwork in the womb. I have been wondering the lack of activity in there and then, bang! I started feeling baby’s movements on the day the pregnancy turned 16 weeks. How punctual is that?

► During my appointment with Dr C this time around, I had my blood drawn for the triple test and maternal profile test. My urine test showed high levels of sugar (+++) and hence, Dr C ordered a blood glucose test for me too. Me and my high blood sugar*…so typical pregnant me! Dr C said I shouldn’t worry and continue eating like I usually do until the test is out. If I don’t hear from him the following week, all’s good (I haven’t!)

*Note: My family does not have a history of diabetes. I practised a healthy diet since my pregnancy with E and has since adopted such way of eating up until today.

► ddmm was lying in a really weird position during the scan. He/she was lying face down stretched horizontally across my womb in yoga child pose. The spine was showing so clearly on the screen that my instant thought was, “Looks like a lizard!” Dr C said babies do stunts in there 🙂

Child pose in yoga

► ddmm is growing at a healthy and normal rate. I won’t be putting up the scan this time around as you are most likely unable to decipher what is what in the photo. I couldn’t either.

Week 17
► Bye bye bikini! I snapped my bikini’s buckle when I forced my hippo body into it. Bought a larger size swimwear to get back into the exercise routine. To save money, I have stopped attending pre-natal yoga classes and opted to swim and DIY yoga at home. And walk up the office stairs too. Anyone knows where I can find quality and cheap pre-natal yoga VCD or DVD?

► ddmm is most active in the morning and early evening. I have recently introduced some classical music to ddmm. Hey, not kiasu…we must start young, okay? Couldn’t find Mozart or Brahm in the music store, so we settled with Beethoven. I will play the CD via headphone and attach it to my belly in the office for 30 to 60 minutes every morning. But I usually skip the famous but blood-boiling Symphony No.5. After a few days of doing so, ddmm would nudge me at 10.20am sharp everyday as if to remind me about the music. See, I told you we have a musician in the making!

Photo stolen from Inmagine

► *whisper* Oh did I mention Ms. Nausea has gone to Alaska since last week? I didn’t miss her at all. Don’t tell her though. I feel gooooood! Shhhhhhh….


10 thoughts on “BIP: w15 – w17

    1. joeyllhow

      I’m hopeless with downloading stuff and gadgets. If using YouTube, can I download it right away to my PC or do I need to switch on the Internet every time I want to view it?

  1. I am glad to hear your nausea have finally subsided. Me too!! So happy eh….can finally eat.
    So glad that you started exercising too, but I still cannot gather enough energy for that yet. Just walking will do for me now…since I need to make sure I gain back the 7kg I lost initially.

    1. joeyllhow

      Whoa Poh Nee, your morning sickness must be pretty bad for you to have lost so much weight! Despite all the puking, I gained 2kg :S Walking is good enough actually but because my sugar levels are high, I need to be more diligent in exercising.

  2. I did a quick search for “prenatal yoga” on YouTube and found many videos, ranging from 2 minutes to 18 minutes. To answer your question, you could either choose to download the videos, or watch them online.

    If you’d be watching the videos multiple times from now until you pop, perhaps it is a better idea to download them into a special folder in your PC. You could use either or

    Or if you want, I could download a bunch and burn them into a CD for you? I will be going to KL tomorrow, and leaving on Thursday (to Tioman).

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks Catherine! As in, download Mxtube app, then the videos from youtube before transferring it to laptop to watch? I’ll try that out!

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