2012 family vacation – deciding the destination

The idea that has been lingering in our minds for the past few months has finally come true. We are going for a holiday!

Initially, it took us quite some time to find the perfect destination. Then, once we shortlisted several possible ones, we found out about ddmm. My morning sickness came and I was too tired or unwell to delve into the subject for a few weeks.

As soon my energy regained, Hubby and I decided to take the plunge and plan a family holiday/babymoon before ddmm arrives. Our ideal destination should be:

► Not too cold or hot
► Not too far in distance
► Family- and child-friendly ie. have attractions/activities to keep a toddler occupied
► Can self-drive if possible

2010 – Sutera Harbour Resort, Sabah
2011 – Perth, Australia

Among the destinations that have come crossed our minds include:

Bali, Indonesia – Hot, very hot. I’m not sure what we can do with a toddler there. Plus, we are not a very big fan of islands and beaches.

Brisbane, Australia – Besides the long 8-hour flight, what’s not to love? The weather will be just nice.

Hong Kong – I love the food there but self-drive is not so practical although public transportation is easily available there. I can’t imagine travelling on a train with E all the time though. Call me paranoid but rampant stories of how young kids were abducted under their parents’ nose scared the daylight out of me.

Jakarta, Indonesia – Hubby has a friend with a toddler there too. But the thought of traffic congestion there turned me off.

Perth, Australia (again?) – We had such a good time there last year and don’t mind going again but according to Hubby’s cousin who is living there, it’s freaking cold there now.

Sabah, Malaysia – Short flight, beautiful and kid-friendly resort with all-inclusive meals. We have been there before in 2010 and thinking to try out a better resort this time around. Thinking to just check in and hibernate. Plus, my friend Samantha will be there during our scheduled holiday timing too! What’s not to love leh?

Singapore – Again, hot! E is a little too young to enjoy Universal Studios. We would want to bring him to Singapore Zoo one of these days though but right now, it may not well worth it considering the zoo is quite far from the city hotel where we will usually put up at. You see, my son only naps on a proper bed. Occasionally, vibrating car seat 🙂 And yes, he turns into an irrational tot whenever he’s overtired. So a break in between is definitely a must.

Vancouver, Canada – Fat hope ya? It would be nice to bring E there and meet his relatives/cousins but the distance is horrifying. We were very ambitious at first – thinking to fly from KL to Tokyo (8 hours), stop for a day or two, then fly to Vancouver (another 8-10 hours). But such mega long-haul flight may not be a good idea for a pregnant mama too, don’t you think? Definitely not this year.

So we were down with two destinations – Brisbane and Sabah. Both were equally enticing but cost and distance wise, Sabah seemed more feasible.

We have almost decided on the latter before asking one last opinion from the little traveler:

Me: Ewan, do you want to go for a holiday?
E: Yes.
Me: What do you want to do during the holiday?
E: Go to the farm, see sheep, pig, horse. Milk the cow. See dolphin.
Me: Huh? How about we go to a nice resort with a big swimming pool and lots of sand to play with?
E: No, go farm. See sheep, pig, horse, chicken, cow. See dolphin.

*OMG* How do you deny such hopeful and enthusiastic reply? Okay, I’m to blame for injecting such idea in him before this but we certainly didn’t expect him to remember the details spoken!

So yes….Brisbane, here we come!


8 thoughts on “2012 family vacation – deciding the destination

  1. it is nice to have a holiday before the baby arrives. I was on a family vacation in Taipei when I was about 9-10 weeks pregnant. Yes, we did not expected this pregnancy, hence we went ahead althou my vomiting hv started, but mild ones. Sadly, I did not enjoy the trip that much as we need to cancel quite a number of places to visit due to my condition.
    We are planning another local break to Avillion PD, just somewhere nearby when I am entering 3rd trimester. Just to enjoy our threesome holiday for one more time 😉
    Happy holidays to you and family!

    1. joeyllhow

      I wouldn’t dare to go for a local holiday let alone an oversea one if I were still having morning sickness as most time would be spent sleeping in the hotel room 🙂 I’ve been to Avillion PD, it’s a great destination for kids! The annual family holiday is something we look forward to year in year out…and I desperately need a break from routine. Can’t wait! 😀

  2. Nice… I just came back from babymoon too. Went to clubmed cherating. Pretty nice place and very child friendly too. They even have a mini club whereby you can place kids 2 years and above there while the mommy n daddy go lepaking elsewhere.. 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      Ahhh…I was very tempted to get the ClubMed package during MATTA Fair too but the thought of drivng a couple of hours there that time (when I was still having the nausea) made me feel sick. It’s definitely a place we will consider going when E is a little older.

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