And ddmm is a….

Girl or boy? Pink or blue? Jeng jeng jeng!

The news is – and in a turn of event – Hubby and I have decided to find out ddmm’s gender on D-day only. Yes, ala Mat Salleh surprise style! So we will have to wait until November to know it.

Our reasoning is – girl or boy – ddmm is still a huge blessing and we will still be super excited nonetheless. Imagine a duplicate of E in a girl or boy version…we don’t mind that 🙂 Plus, after coming out of the stressful hide-my-pregnancy drama at work earlier on, I really don’t want to endure more awkward moments from people such as the strange pause and pitiful pep talk of “It’s okay la, girl or boy also the same. As long as healthy” if it’s a boy. As it is, I already had so many relatives asking ddmm’s gender and exclaiming “Let’s hope it’s a girl!” or “Can try again if it’s not a girl yada yada yada”. The ultimate was from my eldest sister who said, “Kakaka, I read from the Chinese gender predictability chart that you’re carrying a boy again. Kakaka!” Hearing such cynical remark from a loved one really irked me to the max.

First of all, how is the gift of a baby ever a sympathetic thing? Second of all, girl or boy, the factory will be closed (let’s see if we change our minds two years from now :)). Third of all, what’s wrong with having two boys or two girls, or even ten boys or ten girls? These are all part of our destiny.

Plus plus, I truly deserve a “Yayyyy…you’re having a girl/boy! Awesome, congratulations! Can’t wait to meet the baby!” So you know what to say to me next time ya?

Now, I’m accepting bets for ddmm’s gender. What’s your guess? 🙂


5 thoughts on “And ddmm is a….

  1. Hmm…I get this question (B/Y?) a lot more in this pregnancy as well. Yes, I dislike a sympathetic remark too. This is my last child, so just be happy for me will do yea. Being pregnant (especially for me) is a tough tough journey already.

  2. haha, well, I should say congratulations on having baby #2! In an ideal world, even for me, I hope my 2nd baby (if I do even intend to have one after the first pops in Sept, depending on how the experience goes), i hope for a girl, otherwise the male hormones in the house will overpower me! And I admire that you can hold off the anticipation to find out on D-day! I supposed you do have some unisex clothing from big brother that will allow baby#2 to wear? Knowing the gender for me just helps in deciding what clothing to buy in advance, but I’ve been buying unisex as much as possible now, just in case I plan for no. 2. Enjoy the journey once again! 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      Hi Joey 🙂

      I don’t have much unisex baby clothes with me now but I have sisters who can hand me down their children’s clothes! The anticipation is exciting and it only makes me look forward to birthing day even more now 😀

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