It’s Fridayyyyyyy!

I used to write for BabyTalk magazine but now, I write for the toilet. Meet my masterpiece which is proudly displayed inside all cubicles of my company’s women’s toilets. Hey, I’m talking about several floors of toilets, okay?

Aren’t you proud of me? Say you are! 😉

Have a fabulous weekend!


7 thoughts on “It’s Fridayyyyyyy!

  1. melanie

    hey, this is a good one for a Friday 🙂 anyhow it’s an honour you know, others are reading your writing….am proud of you!!

  2. I am amazed (not in a good way, of course) at the level of hygiene some women possess. A friend from 8TV once tweeted that there was sh*t on the toilet floor! I mean, how the hell did it end up on the floor??! LOL.

    Sorry for being gross on your blog, love.

    1. joeyllhow

      Pelf, do you remember how dirty our school toilets were? How unwrapped sanitary pads were thrown everywhere? I still remember chancing upon poop in a water scoop one day and am still traumatised with the whole incident up until today! And things like that continue on even after you grow up and join the working world. Apparently, the HR director told me they don’t have such problems with the gents. And we always think guys are the less tidy ones around…

      1. Not surprisingly, this seems to be happening in OUR offices?! I have never encountered such bad experience in my travels, thank goodness. I feel embarrassed by our toilets, really, and I wish foreigners didn’t have to find out about the dirty toilets the shocking way 😦

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