2012 family vacation – counting down to the day!

The long-anticipated family holiday is only days away and I’m super excited! Even more thrilled than the little one, who probably felt cheated and lost interest after being told about it but hasn’t seen anything happening so far. When I was talking to ddmm last night about our upcoming doctor appointment next week, E chipped in and said, “No no don’t want to go see doctor. We go holiday!” 😀

It has been more than nine months since our last getaway and I really need a break from the daily routine …desperately!


[√] Flight tickets – Special meal for E has been ordered, seats have been allocated. Long live MH! We ♥ you!

[√] Itinerary – Planned and done by Joey Tour & Travel agency *wink*

[√] Accommodation – Booked three out of four accommodations via booking.com after comparing numerous booking sites and reading hotel reviews.

[√] Car rental – Reserved by Hunny the car booking expert.

[√] Theme park – Thoroughly researched and to be purchased by Liz the good friend in Brisbane. Thank you so much, Liz!

[√] Meals – Thanks to Samantha’s suggestion, we checked out Travel Zoo and Groupon Australia, and managed to snag a great seafood meal deal at Gold Coast in a nice restaurant!

[√] Clothes for winter in Brisbane – Hubby’s and E’s are pretty much settled; we will just recycle whatever’s worn for last year’s trip to Perth. As for me, my long sleeve tops and sweaters can no longer cover my bulging belly. Fashion guru Lydia has kindly lent me her mid-thigh length jacket for this trip. I have also bought a pair of maternity jeans from Modern Mum (the only maternity boutique with S size jeans that fits me well!) as well as a heat-generating, stretchable top from Marks & Spencers. These should be sufficient to keep me and ddmm warm there 🙂

[√] Basic umbrella stroller – Unlike the car rental company in Perth, the one in Brisbane does not let out baby strollers. Although we will be bringing along our Babykool soft-structured carrier, a stroller will come in very handy too for times when E doesn’t want to walk or goes out of control. E’s current Graco Citylite R is bulky and not so practical for travel. So we hopped over to MyDear warehouse sale last weekend and got a very compact and light buggy at half the price (we got a large conventional bouncer for ddmm too at only RM40 too!). E will be using this buggy from now onwards as we refurbish the Graco for ddmm’s arrival.

[√] Things to keep E occupied in the plane – Animal figurines, colouring/drawing kit, puzzles, My First Brain Quest, iPad with lots of children apps borrowed from my mum, portable VCD player with a pouch full of his favourite shows, snacks, cough syrup in the event we exhaust these toys/activities within an hour, tranquiliser in the event none of the above works.


In a nutshell, the 6D/4N itinerary is pretty laid-back and child/pregger-friendly. We will be doing some sightseeing in the city on the first and second day, visiting Sea World and dropping by DFO Brisbane for shopping! Hoping to get some nice and affordable onesies for ddmm there. We are also trying to fit in Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo in the itinerary and shall play by ear when the time comes.

The highlight of the vacation will be none other than the all-time family-favourite: farm stay! We decided to indulge a little bit more this time around and signed up for the fully catered package comprising home-cooked Australian meals prepared with fresh produce from the farm. Oh, there will be a picnic by the river and the customary feed-the-animals session too. Can’t wait!

As I jot down this post, ddmm is kicking happily inside. I bet someone is as excited as mommy too!

Next, pack our bags and book our taxi! Woooooooooot!


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