BIP: w18 – w20

Week 18
► ddmm began the BabyPlus curriculum (serious stuff okay!) once a day, every evening around 7pm to 8pm. It is a pre-natal education series of 16 naturally derived sounds that resemble a mother’s heartbeat. With E, I used this diligently twice a day as recommended but for ddmm, we have decided to be more flexible, with classical music in the morning and BabyPlus in the evening.

► Came down with gum infection. I actually had it a while ago and saw a dentist who did scaling for me and prescribed Flagyl antibiotics, which I declined as there was a mix of views on its safety during pregnancy. I was hoping that it would heal on its own but the pain and inability to chew my food properly continued for more than two weeks. The second dentist I saw was much clearer in her explanation and I decided to take Amoxycilin antibiotics to contain the infection. She further confirmed that no, the bacteria from infected gums will not affect baby, unless it’s a very, very serious case where your entire mouth swells.

For a partial list of AAP-approved medications for pregnancy/breastfeeding, click here.

► Hubby received the much anticipated news and had to travel overseas the following week, meaning I will have to manage E on my own – while carrying a bump! Okay, no biggie for some of you but the thought of it freaked me out! That’s how helpful Hubby has been around the house.

► ddmm has been more assertive in communicating with me. Whenever I sing to E and ddmm, he/she will kick happily. Whenever it’s too quiet at work, ddmm would give me a nudge. Sometimes when I tune in more intently, I can feel a message coming from ddmm – whether it is “Play with me!”, “Not comfy when you’re in this position, mommy” or “Stay away from that, or I’ll make you puke, mommy” Call me imaginative, but it’s the joy of pre-birth bonding to me 🙂

► Finally found myself a pair of nice yet fitting maternity jeans. And of all places, I bought it at Modern Mum – the maternity clothes boutique which carries tent-like, shapeless maternity dresses. Because it’s going to be quite chilly in Brisbane this month, cotton leggings won’t be enough to keep us warm.

Week 19
► Jeng jeng jeng! Hubby’s off to overseas and E – of all times – came down with fever. High fever of 39.4’C at 1.30am. ddmm and I ran up and down the stairs to fetch medications and more milk for E. Not forgetting feeding my hungry tummy in the midst of running up and down. The next day, I came down with a sore throat and migraine. That makes two unwell people in the house. Took sick leave to recover and run after the still-active but feverish boy.

► Absence makes the heart grow fonder. My heart felt a little heavy the day Hubby flew off. The house seemed quiet (and messier) without him. Odee looked lost, E cried “Daddy, daddddddddy!” whenever I reprimanded him on his misbehaviour. By the third day, he pulled a sad face and asked, “Daddy?”. I explained that Daddy will be home the next day and asked what he wanted to tell Daddy. He replied, “I love you, Daddy”. Awwww….

We came home to find Hubby’s message on my dresser, written on E’s doodling board.

► The second Hypnobirthing lesson impacted me very positively. It has now become a routine for me to go through my practise surge breathing, listen to the Birth Affirmation and Rainbow Relaxation tracks before I go to sleep. I find myself waking up feeling more optimistic and confident ever since!

Week 20
► It has been raining in the evenings, so I decided to carry out my home routine instead of going for a swim. With a pair of dumbbells and yoga mat in place, I attempted pre-natal pilates as guided by Lizbeth Garcia on DVD (RM12.90 from Speedy Video). Boy I was panting by the 30th minute and the next day, woke up with sore thighs which lasted for two days. Lots of focus on thighs and abs. The pre-natal yoga classes I have attended were definitely a lot easier! Also got myself a yoga ball too as an alternative to the Pilates routine. It will come in handy on days leading up to D-day as well.

► I have gained 3.5kg so far, as you can see in the photo below:

No more ‘buncit’ – I’m fat but cute!

► Pampered myself with an oh-super-comfy bamboo sleepwear from Uniqlo (as seen in the photo) too. Managed to sell off my preloved Pupsik baby pouch sling and now looking into getting a baby wrap (Mobywrap or Boba’s Sleepy Wrap?) as well as a Love to Swaddle Up as recommended by MieVee for ddmm.


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