ddmm’s 3d/4d + detailed scan

We went for a 3D/4D scan at 21 weeks+ recently. Because ddmm was due for a detailed scan and I wanted to get a 3D/4D one done for memory’s keepsake, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and went to Dr Patrick Chia from Fetal Medicine & Gynaecology Centre at Jaya One. Well-known for his specialisation in reading ultrasound scans, he came recommended by Dr Choong to one of my friends when her baby 3D/4D scan didn’t come out as clear as hoped. Apparently, Dr P’s machine is a lot more advanced and capture images more clearly.

Arriving there at 8.15am on a Tuesday, three expectant moms were already there. My appointment was booked at 10am but I was hoping to ‘jump queue’ as an early walk-in customer. The strategy worked well; I was the first in line for Dr P while the rest were there to see the other three obstetricians available there. Although his clinic hours were from 9.30am onwards, Dr P came in by 9am and I saw him at 9.05am.

Soft spoken and friendly, Dr P looks like in his 40s. His consultation bed isn’t the typical obstetrician’s recliner bed. Dr P’s patients lie on a dental-type chair (with adjustable foot rest) for scans and check-ups. There’s a screen hanging on the ceiling for the parents to view and another for the doctor’s navigation.

The entire scan took around 15 minutes. I’m glad to report that according to Dr P, ddmm is perfect and healthy. ddmm is growing at a normal rate, weighing around 400gms. However, we could not capture a really clear image of ddmm’s facial features as he/she was lying in a face down position (child pose again) with hands covering face ala superman style! Although I shifted my position to encourage ddmm’s change of position too, he/she quickly covered back the face in seconds. Here’s the best pic we managed to capture:

ddmm at 21 weeks

Dr P also mentioned that ddmm seems tall. Ummm…

Before leaving his room, I requested for a fit-to-fly letter from Dr P. The total costs? Detailed scan, 3D/4D scan plus a report on scan results and a CD of images and videos come to RM400. It’s reasonable considering 3D/4D scan alone at Dr C is already RM250, excluding detailed scan and consultation fees.


6 thoughts on “ddmm’s 3d/4d + detailed scan

  1. I just did 3d scan that day. Thought I had to request for it but my doc just did it without us asking and charged us RM90 like usual. No additional charge for 3D scan! Quite surprised also. My RM90 was standard for the u/s and pills.

    1. Share the 3D photo! Ewan’s 3D photo looked exactly like him, especially when he’s sleeping. For Xan, not so much because I did the 3D scan rather early in the pregnancy (21 weeks)…she still hasn’t grown the baby fat yet πŸ™‚

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