Buzz me please…

Heya! This message is intended for those who have been following IATH for quite some time and do not have the access to read my password-protected posts. IATH has been made a private blog some time in March 2012, where many of the posts are now protected with a code. I find that this method works better for me, sharing my life with a group of sincere readers whom I personally know or have made contact with.

Kindly do not take offence if I have accidentally missed you out in the process of transforming IATH (blame the hormones!). If you would like to continue reading IATH, may I request for a favour to enter your email address on the right column “Follow IATH” as shown below.

We shall then take it from there! πŸ™‚

Alternatively, if you are already my friend on Facebook, just pop me a message to say “Stop goofing around and give me the code now, you bugger!”

Okay, just joking. You may eliminate the ‘goofing’ and ‘bugger’ part.

Thank you in advance.


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