“I’m angry and sad”

E can be quite dramatic to the extent of being hilarious at times. A few days ago, on our way home after picking him up from the daycare, he struck a conversation with me:

E: Today Ewan is angry.
Me: Huh? What happened?
E: *Silence*

From the rear-view mirror, I could see his sullen face and reluctance to talk further about it.

Me: How was music class today?
E: No music class.
Me: Oh, why? What happened to Teacher?
E: Teacher go home.
Me: Is that why you are angry? Because there’s no music class?
E: *Silence*

Dang! Did they refuse him from the class just because I haven’t paid the fees for August?! That’s absurd! How can they do that to a kid?

Me: Okay, mommy will call Aunty (daycare operator) in a while and ask her why there wasn’t music class just now okay?
E: *Silence*

A minute later…

E: Ewan is sad today.
Me: Huh? Why darling? *Angry + sad. This must be serious stuff!*
E: *Silence*
Me: Is it because music class was cancelled? Maybe Teacher couldn’t make it today. Maybe Teacher wasn’t feeling well. Or did Teacher Santhi scold you? Did you fall down? What happened, darling? Tell mommy.
E: *Silence*
Me: *Completely puzzled* Okay, mommy will give you a hug to make you feel better once we reach home, okay?

30 seconds later…

E: Mommy will give a hug later…

Upon reaching home, I unbuckled him from the car seat and he came straight to my arms for a hug.

Me: Tell mommy what happened.
E: *With a sad face* Ching Hong shout at Ewan.
Me: O_O

E and Hom

You see, Ching Hong (also known as Hom) is his BFF at the daycare. They are inseparable and are always seen playing together. E loves to hug and bump around with Hom. He’s also his usual target for all of E’s mischievous antics. If one is crying, the other’s presence will instantly stop the fuss and bring smiles to one another. They look forward to sitting next to each other and sharing their cereals every morning. E never fails to speak fondly about Hom – even occasionally asking me if we could ask Hom along for Shichida. So it’s no wonder he felt hurt when Hom shouted at him.

Me: Maybe Hom didn’t mean it. Maybe he just wasn’t feeling very happy today.
Hubby: Maybe Hom was having a bad day. *gave a hug*
Me: It’s okay to be angry and sad. Tomorrow will be a better day. Let’s bring some cheerios to playhouse tomorrow and share-share with Hom okay?

His expression changed and his smile returned. The next morning, the boys were back to their usual self. Hom was excited to see E and drew out a chair for E to sit next to him. When I left, both were sharing cereals again.

If only adult relationships can be this simple and forgiving too, eh?


7 thoughts on ““I’m angry and sad”

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks for your first comment, Mike! 🙂

      I grew up not really understanding emotions that well. The traditional Chinese way of raising kids does not really encourage the expressing of emotions and thought that much. So when I felt angry or sad, I wasn’t sure the feelings are warranted or necessary or not. That’s why with my own child, I want him to know it’s okay and normal to feel that way.

  1. mikichua

    He is so cute… such a young boy but able to express himself.. proud of him… AND to the mummy… u did a good job teaching him really well..

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