BIP: w21 – w23

Week 21
► Managed to borrow 3 different pre-natal yoga DVDs from a friend. Shortlisted one and am practising Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea now. Love it…just what I have been looking for – relaxing, easy to follow and gives a gentle workout. As props are required and I do not want to spend another amount on them, I have substituted them with Ikea stool for yoga block and Hubby’s belt for yoga strap. Problem solved!

► Went for a detailed – 3D/4D scan with Dr Patrick Chia from FMCG. Did I mention that he accidentally blurted out and sang ♫ Hamburger hamburger, no hotdog ♪ during the scan? It was my mistake too as I have forgotten to inform that we didn’t want to know the gender. There you go…since we already know, you deserve to know too!

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P/S: Joyce Cheah, so pannai la you… *wink*

► Just saying…did you know that the costs of giving birth in Dubai is scarily high? Straight-forward natural delivery costs around RM8,000 while C-sec costs around RM15,000! And those exclude charges for baby! >_<

Week 22
► We’re off for our family vacation to Brisbane! The rich and yummy food there made me gained 1.3kg in less than six days. My tastebud refuses to accept simpler and blander food now. Bummer… Weight: 51.6kg, up 5.6kg from pre-pregnancy weight. With E, the weight gain was slower vis-à-vis the same duration. Shucks!

► Like her brother, mm was equally excited throughout the whole trip. She would kick and move very often everywhere we go, especially once we settled down in a hotel. I bet she was really enjoying the food I was taking in! We even indulged in Movenpick Swiss ice-cream….just heavenly!

► Despite the constant walking and moving about, I felt tip-top at all times. Second trimester is definitely a great time to travel. Go ahead and plan your babymoon!

► I felt more and more body conscious as my belly grew drastically and looked very prominent this week. Felt like I was stretched to the max. Don’t remember being THIS big with E. Perhaps it’s true that carrying a baby girl makes you look squarer. Finally started using OGmama Stretch Happy 360 Belly Butter given by Bi Qiu after months of procrastination.

► Itchy belly and boobs.

► On the flight back to Malaysia, E tossed around and slept on my tummy for a short while. mm nudged her brother twice and when nothing happened, she gave in and changed her position. Giving an insight into her personality already, perhaps?

► I have always ooh-ed and ahh-ed over baby girl clothes. Now that I’m given a chance to shop for my own baby girl, I really don’t know where to start! Is she a pink person? Or more of purple? We got her a sweet-looking white cardigan from Pumpkin Patch at DFO in Brisbane for A$20 (±RM66) and Bonds newborn two-pack socks A$3 (±RM9.90).

The newborn socks from Bonds are the cutest thing ever! They’re so soft inside too…

Week 23
► Popped already, popped already! My belly button, that is. E enjoys poking it and laughs whenever I react with a “Ahhhhh!!!”

► Bonus came in. Took opportunity of Tiny Tapir’s clearance sale and made my purchase for Moby Wrap in Solid Lilac – Petite as well as Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Bottom Balm. Also bought Love to Swaddle Up Lite. Reviews coming up after mm arrives.

► Cracking our heads brainstorming for a nice name for mm. We want something modern yet down to earth. When one hears or sees the name, they should imagine ‘smart’, ‘capable’ and ‘fun’. Also looking to give her a name that resembles her late grandmother’s actual name or nickname. No preference in starting alphabet or syllable. Tough one…

► A bit early to be working on the birth plan now but it’s time to find out more about the choices of paediatrician available for mm upon birth. We didn’t do that for E and just take on whichever paeditrician who was on call that day. I’m thinking either Dr Yong Sin Chuen, Dr Lam Shih Kwong or Dr Nur Atiqah.

► Our last session of Hypnobirthing course was postponed to Week 25. Stay tuned!

The ultimate highlight of week 23? I did the world a favour and tendered my resignation! 😀 Will tell you more about this in another post.


14 thoughts on “BIP: w21 – w23

    1. joeyllhow

      I’m still impressed with your prediction skills! The moment Dr P hinted the gender to me, I thought, “Oh my, Joyce was right!!” 🙂

  1. Wow! so many things to share…but, I am glad you enjoyed your time. Well, girl sure have more lovely clothings – normally 2/3 of a children section is filled with girl’s clothes…haha!
    Btw, my due date has been shortened and was informed that placenta is low…sigh! Maybe another 10-11 weeks more to go….gotta press on!

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks Poh Nee! Is there a possibility that the placenta may go up higher for the next 2 months? Perhaps your baby is more comfortable with the placenta in that position 🙂 Hang in there, have faith that things will go alright eventually. Meantime, rest more and keep me posted 😀

  2. Girl! More shopping to do! Lovely girly clothing everywhere! You’ll be a full time mummy then since you tendered? Well, I think its the best to spend time with them instead of a hiring a helper especially in their first few years. Enjoy the relaxing time ahead!

    1. joeyllhow

      Yes going back to my old job as a full-time mom 🙂 The first few years are precious and always seem to pass very fast.

  3. Joey, I think there is still a 50/50 chance that the placenta may stretch enough (as the womb grows to accommodate the baby) to move away from the cervix. That is what I am hoping. My Gynae’s exact words are – the baby has turn head down already and the placenta is below his head…not exactly encouraging eh?
    Am hoping for the best!

    1. joeyllhow

      Poh Nee, keep talking to your baby, get baby to move away from placenta. Visualise your baby in a safe nice cocoon with the placenta at its correct position. Pre-birth bonding really works. I have faith in you 🙂

    1. joeyllhow

      Thanks Nancy 🙂 I’m surprised too because my instinct kept telling me it’s a boy. Mama Joey not stylish, so baby girl will probably be simple Jane 😀

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