Hypnobirthing course – We have graduated!

Two Sundays ago marked the last session of our Hypnobirthing course. Because we couldn’t make it for the final group session, WH kindly replaced and gave us a one-to-one session that day, which was further made special with the presence of E and my back-up birth companion, Christina.

Christina will be my birth companion should Hubby be away during mm’s birthing time. When I was running through my list of people who can/will be willing to take up the role, Christina’s face kept popping in my mind. Probably because I’m super comfortable with her and have been sharing my ups and downs with her since we were teenagers! Those were the days when we attended athletic training sessions together, went for track field competitions together and had the delicious mee goreng near the cemetery after school. Not forgetting the occasional excursions to Mahkota Parade for shopping and ice-cream! True enough, she agreed to my wild request without any contemplation, despite not having gone through the experience herself. I promise I will behave, Tina! 🙂

With Christina (far left, front row in pink saree) and my group of besties during my wedding reception in 2007

What we learned
WH picked up from where we left behind and elaborated on the visualisation, deepening and progressive relaxation techniques that can be used to maintain our calmness during labour and birth. Okay, to be very honest, I was so engrossed in talking and asking questions that I couldn’t remember exactly what topics were covered that day.

So here’s a quick snapshot:

► Guided imagery – blossoming rose to be imagined as our cervix opening, blue satin ribbon, disappearing letters, power valve board, thermometer
► Instant relaxation – key word relaxation, top-to-toe count
► Birth positions
► Evil doctor Q&A – We were given a list of questions/threats frequently posed by medical practitioners to expectant parents, and asked for our appropriate responses. Hubby passed with flying colours!

E watched a birth video!
The session began with the screening of a rather graphic homebirth video of a pair of twin babies. By now, I am rather immune to birth visuals. As the mother laboured calmly and vocalised herself during surges, E – who was playing with some toys – suddenly glued his eyes on the TV. Not knowing what was happening, he looked shocked, sat next to me and calmed down when I explained what was going on to the ‘aunty’ on TV. He witnessed the entire scene – from labouring and breastfeeding (the mother had a toddler who was still breastfeeding at that time) to the crowning of the babies (one head first, another was breech and came out leg first) and skin-to-skin contact with a newborn. I’m so delighted he got the opportunity to watch such a natural act taking place. Deep inside, I hope the visuals will be imprinted in his memory until adulthood, and help him understand that this is how births should be.

Just a few days ago – and out of the blue – E brought up the birthing topic with me. We were lying down on the bed, getting ready for a nap when…

E: Mei mei in mommy’s tummy. I love mei mei.
Me: Yes, mei mei love kor kor Ewan a lot too. Big big lot!
E: Ewan don’t want to go inside jye-nah.
Me: Huh? Go inside China? *since when he learned about China?!*
E: Ewan don’t want to go inside jye-nah! Baby come from jye-nah.
Me: Owwhhh….you mean vagina is it? Oh come on, you came from vagina. It’s a fact you can’t change, darling.
E: No no, I don’t want to go inside vagina! Scared!
Me: Babies are born that way, darling. Mei mei will be born that way too. There’s nothing to be scared of. It’s a beautiful event.
E: No, no jye-nah for Ewan.
Me: OK OK, how do you want to be born then?
E: *paused and thought for a while* Uhmmm…from mommy’s tummy.
Me: That would mean a surgery. Mommy doesn’t want a surgery. I know you were scared during birth because Mommy and Daddy had to leave you in the hospital for 5 days but that will never happen again, okay? We will always be here for you.
E: No, no jye-nah for Ewan.
Me: You’re too big to go back inside la, darling. But if you don’t keep quiet and nap now, I will stuff you back in, hehehe!
E: O_O

It never fails to amaze me what toddlers can come up with.

That pretty much sums up our Hypnobirthing course. All in all, I am very glad to have invested in this knowledge. Please do not let its name turn you off. Nothing scary, nothing hippy, nothing caveman-like. If you’re looking to educate yourself more on gentle parenting, pre-birth bonding and having a calm, fear-free beautiful birthing experience, learn up this course before your baby’s arrival. And there’s no better instructor to learn from other than Soo Wai Han.


3 thoughts on “Hypnobirthing course – We have graduated!

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  2. NW

    Hi, beside WH, mind to share if you have survey on other hypnobirthing practitioner in Malaysia. WH is taking a break soon.

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