BIP: w24 – w26

Week 24
► 3+ more months to go; 1 more month to third trimester! Don’t you think time passes wayyyyy too fast? Hubby made me some kampung chicken broth.

Half a kampung chicken can only derive this much of broth. Precious!

► Getting more and more worried about my drastic weight gain. To satisfy the urge, I indulge in not-so-healthy food once in a while and as a result, put on the piles extremely quickly. Ate fried kuey teow the night before and woke up weighing 500gm more. Same for maggi goreng. Blame Hubby for giving in to my whims and fancies for food. My appetite for this pregnancy is ferocious! Let’s hope I won’t get any sounding from Dr C in our next appointment.

► My second sister passed me 4 big bags of preloved girl clothes. She has always been a very immaculate person, hence some of the clothes look as good as new! Took me two days to sort them out into 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years and above 2 years. mm is so blessed.

Some of the preloved clothes handed down by my sister. The swimsuit is ultra cute!

Week 25

Less than 15 weeks to go!

► Attended our very last session of Hypnobirthing class and graduated with flying colours. This session was made special with the presence of my back-up birth companion-to-be, Christina and brother-to-be, E.

► Had a 5-hour bump date with Connie. Her bub will be arriving anytime now!

► Bought some 0-3 months rompers/tops from Mothercare and Jusco TopValue since they were on sale. Those hand-me-downs from my sister comprise all ages up to 3 years except for newborn.

► I didn’t know I have been splurging so much on myself until I actually put these down in words week by week. Purchase of the month is my first pair of FitFlop Lunetta Pewter. My justification? A pregnant mama needs a pair of shoes that gives good back support! *wink* Very extravagant for a pair of sandals but they are so comfy and can easily last me for two years (just like my old Birkenstock)…I think.

► Meantime, E got his very first balance bike – FirstBIKE. We told him it was a gift from mm! Must PR with him a bit. Shhhh…

Bikedate with his cousin Roo

Week 26
► Leggings…a must-have for each pregnancy! Time to get a new one as I have outgrown my old, non-maternity one. Thanks to the recommendation from Connie, I invested in an oh-super-comfy and very cooling bamboo fibre leggings from Spring Maternity. It’s expensive at RM109.90 but will definitely be put to good use in the next few months, even after mm comes. Should have bought it during the first trimester.

► Came down with another bad case of food poisoning that went on for five days, no thanks to the nasi lemak sold at my office cafeteria. Full-blown vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, stomach spasms and heartburn throughout the Raya break. Visited SJMC A&E on Raya eve. And I was craving for rendang prior to that! Took medications (charcoal tablets, Disflatyl and Buscopan) to contain the spasms but what finally worked was…lo and behold – the all-time trusted apple cider vinegar with honey!

► It was our 6th month check-up. No news is good news; Dr C only listened to mm’s heartbeat and confirmed that everything is going fine. My blood sugar levels are normal, weight gain too. No ultrasound this time around, so Hubby left the clinic with a slightly heavier wallet too 🙂

► Tightening sensation continues almost once a day, since week 20.

► Hah, complain about weight gain la! The food poisoning ordeal made me lose 2kg in 3 days and right now, I don’t even look like I’m entering my 7th month of pregnancy :S


2 thoughts on “BIP: w24 – w26

  1. melanie

    hey, you are carrying the little one neat!! normally ppl say if carry mm (which i see it’s kinda true for some of my frens) will not look good….but you are looking great…

    1. Agree with the old wives’ tale that carrying a baby girl makes us look more frumpy. Uhmmm in that case maybe it’s a dd. Who knows, he probably tried to be funny and shrunk his penis during the scan. Too bad then, he’s gonna wear pink clothes! :))

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