Two more weeks to go!

*Rant mode ON*

To be exact, 9 more working days to my last day at work! I don’t usually wish for time to pass faster but in this case…Oh Almighty, please have mercy on me, give me some strength to endure the days to come and speed up these two weeks. I can’t stand it here anymore…urghhhhh!

Despite the fact that I will be leaving the company VERY soon, the woman is still giving me NEW project after NEW project, including those that are due/will be held end of the year. Including those that will be happening when I will be a complete history here already. Not that I mind the workload – it keeps me occupied – but hello, which wise manager in the right mind will do such a thing when #1 There will be so much follow-ups to take on from scratch after I leave and #2 My other so-called team mates are surfing the Net and shaking their legs?

The more I think about it, the more imbalanced I become. This is daylight favouritism at large! Here’s a good proof – see our department’s job tracker which is updated daily. I don’t even need to pull out the entire month’s list to show, here’s the workload distributed among me and another colleague (supposedly in the same team as I) from 10 – 14 Sept 2012:

Joey did 84% of the work; Lara 16%. Super ‘equal’

Now, I need a focus to keep me positive and calm here. It’s because I’m capable and efficient. It’s because I’m a lot more reliable than Lala. Plus, “she’s breastfeeding so let’s not stress her out”. What’s breastfeeding compared to being 7.5 months pregnant, right? Wait a minute…she was pregnant last year too but I was already overloaded with work from Day 1. Ummm…something to ponder.

It’s only 2 more weeks, right? What’s 2 weeks when I have waited 2 months?! Focus, focus, focus! Grrrrrrrr!

*Rant mode OFF*


12 thoughts on “Two more weeks to go!

  1. Chareen

    I feel for you because I have been (and still am) in the same situation. Even more workload now after I’m back from maternity leave. Salute you, supermom! And you look great.

    1. Sob, we are on the same boat, Chareen. I have been putting on a pretentious, “yes ma’am” face for the past few months and am close to losing it. You’re a supermom too Chareen – for juggling a career and two little ones yet maintaining your optimism. Hang in there!

  2. Carin

    Stay calm & positive! It is because you’re capable & efficient compared to your colleague, that’s why your manager is giving you more…Proof it! They will regret later after you leave…:)

    1. My husband said the same thing too. She’s probably making the most out of me and lazing it out while I’m still around. So the strategy now is to be less efficient and take my own sweet time.

  3. It’s always like this because they finally realise that they have been relying on you so much! Let them suffer lah later.

    Btw, you are not scared you get caught for sharing that job task list ah? I know some companies frown upon sharing even the littlest of things

    1. Ahh your first comment! Thanks, Hui Ling πŸ™‚

      That’s why most of my posts are password-protected lah – so that I can rant freely and not worry about getting into trouble. Plus I trust those who read too πŸ˜€

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