BIP: w27 – w29

BIP = Baby in progress

Week 27
► My appetite returned after the food poisoning episode. Glad to be eating well again.

► Had a rather relaxing week due to the long Raya break. Because E’s daycare was closed the entire week, Hubby and I took turns to take leave and stay home with him.

► After over two years of correspondence and five months of postponing, we had a playdate with MieVee at Kids E World. It was a pleasure to finally meet her; she kindly shared some tips on how to manage two little ones at the same time. I just realised, the age gap between our first and second child is almost the same!

Week 28
► Hello third trimester! Whoaaaa…I can’t believe I’m going to be a mom again in less than 3 months! Counting down to the end of the month when I can finally focus on preparing for D-day and our big move.

► Started drinking one cup of raspberry leaf tea (RLT) every night. The beneficial properties in RLT helps to tone the womb muscles for labour day. All thanks to Bi Qiu for sponsoring me my first pack of organic raspberry leaves.

► It was Connie’s D-day! I am so honoured to be given the opportunity to be there for her and witness the birth of her gorgeous baby girl.

► My experience as a birth companion further enlightened me on what we want and don’t want. We are reconsidering our options…yet again. I have a brand new grand plan and am working towards making it happen now. Giving birth is a no-brainer thing indeed but to achieve our birth dreams, it’s important for us to plan ahead and be prepared.

► Maternity portraiture…should I or should I not? We had one during E’s time and it’s only fair if we capture the memories for mm’s future keepsake too? At the same time, I don’t want to spend a fortune on it. Just something simple with black and white/sepia background if possible.

Week 29
► Hubby bought me and mm a maternity-newborn photography session for our 5th anniversary! We got a rather good deal – buy one, free one – from this photographer who specializes in pregnancy, newborn and family portraiture. The first shoot is scheduled at 34 weeks, and for mm’s – a week after she arrives. It’s our first time engaging this photographer, so fingers crossed the photos will turn out nice.

► I feel like a walking oven all the time. When everyone is wrapped up in cardigans and pashminas in the office, I would be spotting a sleeveless top and sweating away. BO! So not feminine…

► Put in my first order at iHerb! Bought some tea, herbs and essential oil for post-partum recovery. Will show you my loot once they arrive.

► First felt mm hiccupping inside for a good five minutes ♥

► Sore back for days made me visit Dr Twink at Bangsar Chiropractic. Diagnosed with misaligned pelvis, probably from sleeping on my left too often. Got to work on my posture, drink more water and no more slouching. Did you know that a wrong body posture will result in a less optimum positioning of baby in the womb too? So stand up straight and flaunt your belly proudly!

► Birth goal board in progress.


9 thoughts on “BIP: w27 – w29

  1. i hear everyone talking about iherb in FB MC! I went to the site but i don’t know what to buy!! Haha…see, woman’s instinct. Talk about buying only excited dee. Just need to look for things to buy. Any recommendations ah?

    1. When I first visited the site months ago, I also didn’t know what to buy. The way the products are laid out (small images in limited space) makes browsing difficult too. Not until I was looking for herb tinctures for post-partum recovery and some teas that I was lured back there. I got the Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Third Trimester Tea. Cheaper by almost 3 times, I must say! Overall, the products are reasonably priced, even after conversion and adding in delivery charges. If you’re a fan of organic shampoos/body wash, you can get them there too…cheap cheap nice nice 🙂

      1. jun

        Do you have a referral code for iherb? 🙂 Am thinking of getting sweet almond oil as my anti-stretch mark remedy but the pure sweet almond oil is not that easy to find here, everything else is a blend (and mighty expensive!) …

      2. Yes, my referral code is IQO564. O as in Orange, not numerical. If you keep the total weight to below 4lbs and total purchase between US$40 to US$80, the delivery charges is only US$4.

        Ummm…anti-stretch mark remedy….hehehe, are you expecting too? ;P

      1. jun

        Haha yes, a bumper grandchildren harvest for my PIL coming up! 🙂 Thank you for the lovely wishes, I will probably need to consult you on more birthing options soon 😉

      2. Haha, my side too! My two sisters just gave birth in July and August respectively, then it will be me in November followed by my SIL in March. We are all a productive lot!

        Sure sure, ask away! Would be glad to share what I know, though I’m no expert. For a start, I recommend checking out Hypnobirthing – a life-changing course, at least for me 🙂

      3. jun

        Wow, that’s quite a significant explosion in family size! So your CNY gatherings will be even more meriah in 2013 onwards 😀
        Anyways will send you an email soon ya 🙂

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